The Divergent Series: Allegiant-Part 1 – Review

The Divergent Series: Allegiant-Part 1 

After watching the two prior films in The Divergent Series this next film will start to finish the series. Taking from the final book in the Divergent Series, Allegiant was not taken well by everyone who enjoyed reading the series so I was interested to see how they would start to close these films. In my opinion not following the books wouldn’t be the worst thing they could do for this franchise.  all3

The movie opens up back in Chicago with Tris, Shailene Woodley, and Four, Theo James, looking over the city and out past the walls that have now been closed and banned by the current leader Evelyn, Naomi Watts. Evelyn thinks the best thing for her son, Four, and the city of Chicago is to keep everyone inside the gates of the city. What’s outside is just too much of a risk, but what’s inside is just as bad. No longer existing by factions the people of Chicago has still stuck to what they know and they people they know trying to face this new world as a city. The first thing to resolve is to place those under the reign of Jeanine to trial for their crimes. Using the truth serum Max, Mekhi Phifer, is the first to go to trial for his crimes. Meeting before everyone, down below in the slums where the faction-less lived, he is placed on trial in front of everyone with the serum. Sticking to what he knows he takes the fault for what he did and is found guilty. Leaving Evelyn, Four, and Johanna, Octavia Spencer, to make a decision on his fate. Tris, who should be up there with them as well takes her place up above watching everything take place not giving her opinion on the situation. When Evenly takes charge and goes against the opinion of everyone else making the decision to take his life allegiances start to separate. Tris, standing above looks over and sees her brother Caleb, Ansel Elgort, being held for his crimes and ready to go to trial tomorrow where he too will most likely be sentenced to death as well.  all5

Knowing that the way things are going in Chicago are not going to be easy and knowing that something outside the wall is waiting for them Tris decides she must go and see what is waiting for them. Four isn’t going to let her get far without him as well. Tris of course can’t leave her brother Caleb no matter what’s he’s done to her behind, family sticks together. After getting Caleb and making their way out of the city they get an unexpected tag along, Peter, Miles Teller, as he cons his way into the journey. Christina, Zoe Kravitz, is also there to make the escape. As they make their way over the wall they are spotted by Evelyn’s people and chased all the way over. Continuing their way searching they find out very quickly that things on the other side are not as safe as in Chicago. The world is very treacherous and full of things to make you very sick.  all4

Finally finding their way to the outside world, Tris, Four, Caleb, Peter and Christina find themselves in the old Chicago Airport. Now being used as an experimental facility they see that their lives were really not so private at all. Everyone there knows them by name and knows everything about them. It’s there soul purpose at the facility to watch, learn and evaluate them in Chicago. Tris and everyone who just arrived are somewhat of celebrity’s. Everyone is immediately cleaned, clothed and tattooed. Everyone is given somewhere to live and sleep and a job to do now that they are saved from Chicago. Tris is taken up to the Director, Jeff Daniels, David’s quarters, where he explains to her what’s going on and why she is so important. As they stay there in the institution Four and Tris start to go different ways. Each of them seeing a different side to the work being done there. Peter and Caleb are placed on security duty and they too are seeing a different side to things in Chicago vs the institution.  

Things are quickly turning deadly for everyone involved in Chicago and nothing is being done to help anyone. Tris is finding herself in a terrible position as well. Things finally come to a head at both the institution and in Chicago ending the movie with you wanting to know what more can happen. If you are a fan of these books I’m not sure what you will think of this movie. In my opinion it was a great movie, the best of the 3. But with that being said it does not follow the books very closely at all. I was hoping these movies would end a little differently and it looks as though they might. I enjoyed watching this movie and am looking forward to the next movie. If you have enjoyed the other movies in the Divergent series I would give this movie a shot as well. I give the movie a B. 


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