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Olympic Gymnastics, Sex, really bad language, and a lot of laughs, sounds like a crazy fun flick right?    Let me just say this flick has it all even a love story, a crazy caring father, and a former sports star that has’t gone on with her life.  So let’s get this review on its way.bronze4

The flick starts with us seeing some footage of a young female gymnast who is competing in the Olympics. The gymnast is Hope Ann Gregory (Melissa Rauch) ends up hurting herself, but does win a Bronze medal as in the name of the flick.  The injury ends up being a career ender, but Hope has had a lot of trouble moving past this time in her life.  bronze1

12 years have passed, yet Hope still wears her warm up suit everywhere she goes in Amherst, Ohio.  The small town still treats her like a huge star getting free pretzels at her local mall and drinks and food at a local dinner.  Her father (Gary Cole) has always treated her like a little princess who could do no wrong.Her mother passed away when she was very young, so Hope never knew her mother.  bronze2

Melissa and her husband Winston wrote this crazy flick.  The main thing I found most appealing about The Bronze is how Melissa is a female anti Hero.  She says the F word more than the Scarface record of 207 times.  There is a crazy Gymnastic sex scene halfway through with her main coaching rival Lance (Sebastian Stan).  There is a love story that pairs Hope with Ben (Thomas Middleditch), where they have known each other forever, and he has loved her, but never had the guts to act upon it.  bronze5

Her former coach ends up passing away and leaving Hope $500,000 but there is a catch.  Hope have to train Maggie (Haley Lu Richardson).  Maggie has the chance to get a Gold medal at the upcoming Olympics which would make Hope no longer the town Favorite.  Hope has a lot of personal and attitude problems to overcome.  Will she be successful and get the $500,000 dollars?bronze7

I grade The Bronze a B+.  I loved the story, the language, the love story, backstabbing, and most of all Melissa Rauch’s acting.  She plays a way different character than she does typically and does it perfect.  I really enjoyed a female in a role we typically don’t see Hollywood fill these roles with females.  

Brad Watts

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