Melissa Rauch – Interview The Bronze

I had the great opportunity to not only screen The Bronze staring Melissa Rauch, but also got to interview her  about her role, and writing the flick with her husband.  Most of you know Melissa from her role as Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory.  Let me tell you this role is way different, and she actually breaks the Scarface record on saying the F word in a flick so many times.  bronze10

Melissa, as you can hear in the background, was very open about the writing process, and how it was refreshing playing a female anti-hero.  She talked about the process of getting Gary Cole to play her father, and how his best friend is a fish.  Melissa also shared with us that she has a few projects in the works that she is writing with her husband one being an HBO series. bronze11

If that series is anything like The Bronze you will not only like it, but love it.  Melissa and her Husband writes a great movie, and they got an amazing cast which Melissa talks about in the Interview as well.  Hope you enjoy listening to it, and please go see this amazing dark comedy, that if you are like me you will enjoy.

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