When we have a flick that has J.J. Abrams name associated with it we are all excited because he usually doesn’t give us a bad flick.  10 Cloverfield Lane is produced by Abrams and Directed by New comer Dan Trachtenberg.  I had very high hopes for Cloverfield Lane …. I wasn’t totally let down.  clover3

This flick as most Abrams produced flicks has a lot of secrecy, we don’t know much about the story going into the movie, and there is lots of surprises in the movie itself.  I am not going to go into the surprises, but I will tell you I loved 95% of the movie, the last 15 minutes I could have done without, I walked out of the theater and Said if they would have ended the flick when you hear and see the birds it would be an A flick.  clover4

In 2008 Abrams brought us Cloverfield which was a surprise hit.  I wouldn’t call this movie a sequel, but more like a side movie taking place at the same time as Cloverfield.  Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is leaving her fiancé’ Ben (Bradley Cooper) because they had gotten into a fight.  We hear on her radio that there is electrical outages being reported (As in Cloverfield).  Michelle is upset driving in the dark, and has an accident.  clover2

Next thing we know is she is waking up in an underground bunker that Howard (John Goodman), has built.  The question is why has he built this bunker, did he do it because of an attack, or is he crazy.  The movie keeps us guessing back and fourth throughout the flick.  Goodman plays an amazing crazy or non crazy man all the way through the flick.  

Michelle also meets Emmit (John Gallagher Jr.) who helped build the bunker with Howard and knew when to run to the bunker and get in.  If there was an attack was it Aliens or another country trying to invade our land?  All Michelle knows is she is trapped in the bunker for what Howard says is 1 or 2 years.  She isn’t sure as we aren’t if Howard is said or insane, and if she is really a guest or a captive.  clover5

Trachtenberg does a great job keeping the tension throughout the flick, but again I could do without the last 15 minutes.  We see this slapped together family come together through a very weird situation.  The way Goodman plays Howard and explodes over little things like a game of monopoly or Michelle touching Emmits’ hand. 

I grade 10 Cloverfield Land a B- If they wouldn’t have ruined it with the last say 15 minutes it would have been an A.  Everything you want in a thriller is here, Goodman is amazing, the tension lasts throughout the flick, and the questions that keep bouncing you back and fourth is very well done.  

Brad Watts

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