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Disney Animation has brought us another great animated flick for the kids that cover some of the regular topics that is covered in all great animated flicks, but also takes on the topic of racial profiling with the kids not even knowing. I think Zootopia is going to have some long lasting characters that we will soon see in the Disney Parks.

Zootopia is pretty much as it sounds, a busy town with all animals living together. Both predators and non predators live in one community. They also have a Town Slogan If You Can Dream It, You Can Be It. Bunny Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) takes this to heart and wants to not be a carrot farmer like her parents, but a Cop. She would be the first Bunny to be a cop, most cops are big Predators not a cute little bunny.zootopia1

She graduates the Police Academy, and gets put on Meter Maid duty, while the rest of the squad is looking into missing mammals 14 to be exact. While on the Parking Duty job she follows her detective nose and tails a fox Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman). Nick is a hustler who knows how to work the whole town. After getting caught up in some trouble Judy finds herself making a deal with her Chief Bogo (Idris Elba), that she will find the missing Mr. Otterton in 48 hours.zootopia3

This is when the main adventure begins as well as her friendship with Nick. Along this adventure we get some great call outs to great movies of the past the best being the Godfather. We meet lots of animals throughout the flick, and we also learn to accept everyone for who and what they are. Both Directors Rich Moore and Byron Howard bring us not only a beautiful animated flick, but a fun and memorable one as well.zootopia2

I grade Zootopia a solid A take your kids, grandkids, and go see this fun flick. Lots of easter eggs for you adults to see and catch the best one is a Braking Bad call out. My daughter who is 11 really enjoyed the flick as well.

Brad Watts


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