Directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra brings us a little confused flick.  What I mean about being confused is that I don’t know if I would call this a Drama or a Comedy.  They have Tina Fey tackling a completely different role than she usually does.  Playing a writer for the news who has to go into the field in a war torn country she has to be more serious than she does funny.  

Requa and Sequa used the Memoir written by journalist Kim Baker called The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days and Nights in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Kim Baker (Tina Fey) who works for the network needs some volunteers to cover the war in Afghanistan.  With Baker being without child and single is perfect for the job.  whiskey4

We meet Tanya Vanderpoel (Margot Robbie) when Baker arrives in the War torn country.  With Baker being inexperienced she brings a bright orange bag into the combat zone which is a No-No she should be bringing a Cameo bag.  We also meets Ian MacKelpie (Martin Freeman) the hard exterior war photographer, and Fahim Ahmadzai (Christopher Abbott) the local handler.whiskey2

Baker ends up learning fast on the job even though she presses all the nerves of General Hollanek (Billy Bob Thornton), she shows him she has courage.  The main plot of the flick is how Baker is a women who is in a country where they don’t respect and do repress women.  There is a great scene that teaches Baker this lesson.  whiskey7

Just when Baker starts to get really good at her job the audiences starts to focus more on Iran than Afghanistan.  The best part of that is the fight for airtime with journalists are fighting journalists.  I grade the flick a B- with the saving force of Fey making the flick.  Fey really does shine, but you do leave the flick a little confused.

Tiffany Watts

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