LONDON HAS FALLEN Screening Contest.

For your chance to win a pass good for two for, answer the following question: What is your favorite terrorist flick and why ?

Winners will be chosen at random.




LONDON HAS FALLEN opens Friday, March 4th!


97 Responses to “LONDON HAS FALLEN – contest”

  1. Tonya says:

    True Lies
    Because of Jamie Lee Curtis’ pole dancing scene.

  2. Roy Behymer says:

    Die Hard. Great flick with Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman. What more can be said?

  3. Vjay says:

    Olympus has fallen is my favorite. It felt so real that it can happen anytime.

  4. Harish says:

    United 93. The best movie on the attacks I ever saw

  5. Uday says:

    Vantage point. It’s my favorite as they show the happenings in various perspectives

  6. Harish says:

    United 93. It’s very gripping

  7. Steve says:

    Air Force One. Harrison Ford was our country’s greatest president.

  8. Chuck says:

    Die Hard 1, because it has bad ass fight scenes and is one of the best Bruce Willis films.

  9. Owen says:

    Non-stop. Kept me at the edge of my seat till the end.

  10. Kellie says:

    Olympus has fallen. Love Gerard Butler.

  11. Leslie Kiley says:

    I love action films! Loved the first Olympus Has Fallen and would really like to see this one too!

  12. Shelley says:

    Die Hard

  13. Joe says:

    UNITED 93 although the plane crashed it showed Americans at their best foiling the terrorist plans

  14. Tom says:

    Body of Lies, great story line, action, suspense, actors and humor !

  15. Robert says:

    Zero Dark Thirty because it shows the final capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden

  16. Cathy says:

    UNTHINKABLE was a great psychological thriller with Samuel L. Jackson

  17. Kim says:

    AIR FORCE ONE besides being a Harrison Ford fan when you have a movie in which the President’s plane gets hijacked you know there will be plenty of action

  18. Brian Gates says:

    Die Hard I guess, mainly because it is such a versatile time-of-year film and it has Alan Rickman.

  19. Eddie B says:

    13th Hour – Based on a True Story.

  20. Estelle says:

    Olympus has fallen. Love that Gerard Butler. !!!!

  21. Rita says:

    United 93

  22. Bradley says:

    The Dark Knight a great movie in which the Joker terrorizes and creates all kinds of problems for the people of Gotham

  23. Nancy says:

    Die Hard It was a very good movie.

  24. Lynn says:

    13th Hour Based on a true story.

  25. Rita says:

    Olympus have fallen

  26. Mabel says:

    WHITE HOUSE DOWN scary to think about but action, action , action

  27. Diana says:


  28. Jan tippit says:

    Die hard

  29. Jan tippit says:

    Die hard, definitely!

  30. Sheryl Rose says:

    True Lies- lots of action and plenty of laughs too!

  31. Cheryl says:

    WHITE HOUSE DOWN scary to think it could happen and good actors

  32. Valerie says:

    WHITE HOUSE DOWN love the action

  33. Donna says:

    The Kingdom, with Jamie Foxx. Just a realistic, action-packed movie that was enlightening to watch.

  34. kelly says:

    Green Zone (2010) The movie was action packed and I felt like I was actually there. This is a Iraq War inspired film as you watch them hunt for the weapons of mass destruction. Also I am a hard core Matt Damon Fan!

  35. Ashley says:

    Die Hard

  36. Chris says:

    White House down

  37. Jackie says:

    Day of the Jackal = I loved the suspense and the bad guy’s ingenuity.

  38. Roy says:

    Air Force One – Harrison Ford in his youth of course!

  39. Barbara says:

    Vantage Point because it is told and re-told from several different perspectives.

  40. Nancy says:

    Air Force one Love Harrison Ford

  41. Nancy says:

    Love Harrison Ford

  42. Rosalie says:

    Olympus has Fallen – great action, although I might say how any country can be a target to any terrorism attack and therefore need to be on the lookout and prepare all the time

  43. Robyn B. says:

    Live Free or Die Hard. Bruce Willis is bad ass as John McClane. He ran a car into a helicopter…..HE RAN A CAR INTO A HELICOPTER!!!! He took on an F-18 with a semi!! Yippee Kay Yaa Muther******!!! Best movie ever!

  44. Amanda says:

    Air force one, because it kept me guessing until the end…

  45. Joyfullocs says:

    Survivor – It kept me guessing the whole time and the heroine had great determination to clear her name!!

  46. Evan says:

    Die Hard! It’s a classic and Bruce Willis at his best.

  47. Kelli says:

    Air Force One! Harrison Ford is great!

  48. carol says:

    Zero Dark Thirty. Awesome movie.

  49. Carol Ann says:

    Die Hard. Such a classic with Bruce Willis.

  50. Tim says:

    Lone Survivor. Awesome true story.

  51. Baxter says:

    The Die Hard movies. Such action.

  52. Eric Driskel says:

    Die Hard is my favorite terrorist movie. Great plot and Bruce Willis is a badass.

  53. Andrew says:

    TRAITOR was just a great American spy Thriller

  54. Myrna says:

    Die Hard – A movie full of action and intrigue.

  55. Duane M. says:

    Shooter… Mark Wahlberg, Danny Glover, Kate Mara, what else do you need? Along the Danny Glover Lines you gotta love the Lethal Weapon series too… Pesci, Gibson, Glover, Busey…

  56. Kevin says:

    True Lies, it was very funny and had great action

  57. Mallory says:

    Die Hard! John McClain is so bada**. Love Bruce Willis!

  58. leah deeke says:

    Remember Me, because you have no idea what is leading up to until the very end. I loved that about this movie.

  59. Chris says:

    Die Hard With A Vengeance. Cause its an awesome movie.

  60. Mark says:

    Air Force One. Even Trump was impressed by Harrison Ford as President.

  61. Carolyn says:

    Die hard. Loved it

  62. Shirley says:

    Air Force One. Felt the actor’s all did a great job and that this could actually happen.

  63. debbie davis says:

    Die Hard

  64. mary thurman says:

    Die Hard reason: Bruce Willis

  65. rusty says:

    Zero Dark Thirty…very good movie

  66. Barbara Hack says:

    Zero Dark Thirty because it shows killing of Osama Bin Laden

  67. chelsey says:

    Air force One – a classic hijackers take over the presidents plane and are defeated! Action packed and great to watch even today

  68. alice says:

    V for Vendetta. Is always great to watch a government gone bad be overthrown. The freedom fighter “V” could have easily been classified as a terrorist with the tactics he used to stop the oppressive British government. This movie is not onopy entertaining, but thought provoking with its twist and turns. I love it!

  69. Robert Campbell says:

    Airforce One with Harrison Ford. Action filled.

  70. Veneira says:

    Air Force One Every Exciting!

  71. Rich says:

    Die Hard because of its mix of action and humor.

  72. Vickie V says:

    Zero Dark Thirty – I learn so much from the movie – it kept me wanting more!

  73. Bob says:

    United 93, because it is breath taking.

  74. Sue says:

    Zero dark 30 because it was part of history.

  75. Donny says:

    Independence Day! Aliens are terrorists and don’t belong… As Will Smith says “welcome to earth”

  76. Baxter says:

    Die Hard movies. Action packed and Bruce Willis the best.

  77. Carol says:

    Zero Dark Thirty. Loved the suspense.

  78. Tim says:

    Lone Survivor. It was true.

  79. Carol Ann says:

    Lone Survivor. Wahlberg was great. What a story.

  80. Andy gripper says:

    La Femme Nika – PETA was great, I love it

  81. Kevin says:

    True Lies…great action and funny

  82. Loretta says:

    White House Down was my favorite.

  83. Kelly k says:

    zero dark 30. The suspense!

  84. Kathleen Motley says:

    Air Force One- because the President was the hero.

  85. Sarah jones says:

    The Seige
    Lots of action and Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington were both goodveye candy.

  86. Brian Hance says:

    Olympus Has Fallen. Gerard Butler is tha MAN !!!!

  87. Nancy says:

    Air Force One. Harrison Ford was our country’s greatest president.

  88. Frank says:

    Die Hard is my favorite terrorist movie. Great plot and Bruce Willis is a badass.

  89. Patricia says:

    Olympus has fallen. Love Gerard Butler!

  90. Cmaria lindsey says:

    Hands down… Die Hard with a Vengeance

  91. Joni says:

    For your chance to win a pass good for two for, answer the following question: What is your favorite terrorist flick and why?

    I really enjoyed White House Down because Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox are great look at on screen and super funny.

  92. 9/11 conspiracy theories – Wikipedia, the free …

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