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Growing up in Ohio I learned at a young age about Jesse Owens.  I am surprised when my 11 year old daughter didn’t know who Jesse Owens was.  After having the conversation with my daughter I went to work and some of my older coworkers also didn’t know who Jesse was or what he did.  For that reason I think everyone should go see this flick.  They can learn about what he did in the 1930’s and how important he was not only to Americans but also internationally everyone against the Nazi’s .  race2

Jesse Owens (Stephen James) was born James C. Owens, and as we learn he was such a nice kid he never corrected his teacher at a young age that it was J.C. not Jesse.  With Director Stephen Hopkins, and Larry Snyder (Jason Sedeikis) we have the mixture of a potentialy good flick.


I will tell you for Sudeikis in his first major Drama role he crushes it out of the park. A few time I within he was over acting, but all in all he really did a great job, and I really enjoyed watching him stretch his acting chops with this Bio Pic.

When Jesse is leaving Cleveland to join Ohio State University as a freshman he is leaving his Childs mother Ruth (Shanice Banton) working in a beauty shop.  This is in the 1935 era of Ohio State Track and Field where they needed to start winning.  After learning from his coach Jesse ends up breaking 3 world Records and tying on at the 1935 Meet in Michigan. race4   

We get to learn about Avery Brundage (Jeremy Irons) and his battle to keep the American team in the 1936 Olympics.  He meets with Joseph Goebbels (Barnaby Metschurat) who is really good as a high ranking Nazi. race5

We see the internal battle if Owens himself wants to go to the 1936 olympics, because some people think if he goes and races he is accepting and allowing the Nazi belief system.  We all know he choses to go, but the internal battle we feel his tough decision and Runs, Jumps, and wins 4 gold medals which proves Hitlers (Adrian Zwicker) Aryan vision is full of crap before World War 2 even begins.

I grade Race a B+…. Race to the theaters to see this flick, and take your kids and anyone else who tells you they do not know who Jesse Owens is or was.

Brad Watts


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