This is a chick flick from start to finish no doubt about it.  I am going to try and review this flick as a chick would watch  the flick.  I as a man did not enjoy the flick so women please take your friends to see this movie and not your guys thanks you.  This being said here we go… single1

There is no other reason this is opening on Valentine’s Day weekend, except for the fact to get the women to bring their men to this flick.  We have Rebel Wilson doing her over the top look at me aI am a chunky female from England, I am going to drink a lot and be rude and crude.  Rebel plays Robin and is irresponsible, but leads Alice (Dakota Johnson) into the single dating world.  We also follow Lucy (Alison Brie) who is an ocd online dating chick who can’t do anything unless the website matches her up, and Alice’s sister Meg (Leslie  Mann) who is a Doctor that has focused on her career and not on her love life.  single2

We start with Alice who is taking a break from her longterm boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun) because she wants to be able to find herself.  This does not go as planned for Alice who meets Robin at her new job and gets taught how to be single.  She ends up with a Bar owner Tom (Anders Holm) who has a problem with commitments.  I am sure women will tear up when Alice breaks down in front of her ex, but it really doesn’t do anything for us men.  

I think women in their 20’s might like this flick, but please don’t take your men to the flick.  I as a man grade it a C- there was no laughs no great acting just a so-so plot line, but if I were a female I would grade the flick a B, they will enjoy it way more than any man.  


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