HAIL, CAESAR! – contest

HAIL, CAESAR!  Screening Contest.

For your chance to win a pass good for two for, answer the following question: What is your favorite Coen Brothers Movie and why ?

Winners will be chosen at random


HAIL, CAESAR! opens Friday, February 5th!

RATING: PG-13 for some suggestive content and smoking.

71 Responses to “HAIL, CAESAR! – contest”

  1. Roy Behymer says:

    Dang, hard to choose just one. I like almost all their films including: Fargo; O Brother, Where Art Thou; The Hudsucker Proxy, etc.

    Why? Great, witty dialogue, outlandish and intense scenarios, off-kilter sense of humor, top notch acting.

  2. Rachel says:

    Raising Arizona. Nick Cage at his best.

  3. Kelley says:

    Fargo for the great accents.

  4. Charles says:

    Blood Simple. Totally different from everything that would follow, but intense and riveting.

  5. Timothy says:

    O, Brother Whereart Thou – the music is great.

  6. Sue says:

    O brother where art thou. Love George clones.

  7. Sue says:

    Fargo. Quirky film

  8. Shantay Brown says:

    Raising Arizona! I saw it when i was a kid and I really liked it. I watched it as an adult and loved it even more.

  9. Barbara says:

    Raising Arizona because I haven’t seen all of the Coen brothers movies but this is one of my favorites. Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter are a great team. I also like the music in this movie.

  10. Evan says:

    Fargo. It’s one of a kind with incredibly dark humor.

  11. Diane says:

    Oh brother where art thou!

  12. Jan tippit says:

    Yeah !!!!!!!

  13. Amanda says:

    O brother where art tho – great film and great acting!

  14. Julie says:

    Oh brother where art thou, because it’s my kind of humor

  15. grsce says:

    Geoge Clooney is the best

  16. Georgeo F. says:

    O brother where art thou. This movie was hilarious, witty and thought provoking. Their films have always been fascinating and unique.

  17. Helen R says:

    O Brother Where Art Thou! I love the characters & the music is tremendous! One of my all time favorite movies!

  18. Vickie says:

    Oh Brother Where Art Thou!

  19. dennis says:

    FARGO and the TV series is great too!

  20. Eric Driskel says:

    O Brother Where Art Thou! George Clooney is one of my favorite actors

  21. Barbara Hack says:

    Oh Brother Where Art Thou was great! Love Clooney in anything though.

  22. Jennie Bogovich says:

    Raising Arizona. Oldie, but a goody. Love Nicolas Cage!

  23. Valerie says:

    O brother where art thou. Anything that has George Clooney in it I have to watch it.

  24. Dug Threewitt says:

    Fargo, woodchipper. There can be no other answer…It also spawned the TV episode with the best line of the year.

  25. Diane V says:

    Oh Brother Where Art Thou!
    Hysterically funny!

  26. Mike says:

    Oh Brother Where Art Thou! Hysterically funny!

  27. Jessie says:

    O Brother Where Art Thou! George Clooney is one of my favorite actors – See more at: http://wattsupreviews.com/2016/01/29/hail-caesar-contest/#comment-27621

  28. Shelley says:

    O Brother Where Art Thou

  29. Cheryl says:

    Raising Arizona, Love me some Nicolas Cage <3

  30. Sergio says:

    Fargo. I just loved the characters and how the plans of a fool can go so terribly wrong.

  31. Catie says:

    Fargo! Great characters and writing!

  32. Mark says:

    O Brother Where Art Thou was quirky, funny and very entertaining.

  33. shirley says:

    O Brother Where Art Thou

  34. cary eskew says:

    O Brother Where art thou…laugh and giggle through the whole thing

  35. Juanita says:

    Oh brother where art tho

  36. Sharon says:

    O’ brother where art thou.George Clooney was great

  37. Tara says:

    O brother where art thou, because Clooney is amazing and the music is fantastic!!

  38. Francis says:

    Inside Llewyn Davis; something about it just stays with you!

  39. Kim Klick says:

    Fargo! Great characters, story and such a dark comedy. Love the TV show!

  40. Mary says:

    O bother where art though because it was funny and has beautiful music!

  41. Kerri says:

    The big lebowski – love the chemistry between Jeff bridges, John Goodman and Steve Bucemi. The dude abides!

  42. Cameron Gray says:

    Barton Fink because the is no one who could play the Devil than John Goodman!! That scene where he is laughing and fire is consuming everything around him.. Definitely my favorite scene by them.

  43. Carol says:

    Raising Arizona – John Goodman was fantastic in this one.

  44. Ruthie says:

    O Brother Where Art Thou because I feel they captured the era and think the horny toad bit was HILARIOUS!

  45. Sheryl Rose says:

    Fargo. Because it’s so incredibly bizarre!

  46. Deborah says:

    O Brother, Where Art Thou. An entertaining retelling of the Odyssey with great music.

  47. Sharon says:

    O brother where art thou? – great humor!

  48. rodrick says:

    raising arizona, its a comedy classic

  49. Andrew says:

    The Big Lebowski – the most amazing, pointless movie I’ve ever seen

  50. Donna L says:

    Raising Arizona – Just loved Cage in this movie.

  51. Donna says:

    The Lady Killers. Love Tom Hanks.

  52. Bob says:

    No Country for Old Man. I am an old man, movie is entertaining
    and nostalgic.

  53. Vjay says:

    No country for Old men. Loved Javier Bardem’s character.

  54. Brian says:

    Any of them, just because they have no problem DOING ANYTHING to get a laugh. They aren’t part of the ‘PC police’.

  55. bob williams says:

    Big Lebowski. A Riot!!!

  56. Dee says:

    O brother where art thou, love Cloony

  57. Frank says:

    The big lebowski because its a cult classic!

  58. Joseph Trang says:

    Fargo. The writing was dark but hillarious.

  59. Laura M says:

    BIG LEBOWSKI- The Dude rocked it!

  60. VenMarie says:

    No Country For Old Men, Or O’ Brother How Art Thou

  61. Thomas says:

    O’ Brother How Art Thou Can’t beat that out! but I’d sure Like to,see Hail Caesar! and see!

  62. Carolyn says:

    Oh brother where art thou, Clooney makes me weak in the knees

  63. Barney Schulte says:

    Raising Arizona , hometown boy John Goodman

    at his best , Holly Hunter hot as hell and Nick puppy.

  64. Lyra says:

    My favorite movie is Unbroken. The raw emotion, combined with the historical, true story aspect make Unbroken hard to beat!

  65. Jan tippit says:

    Raising arizona

  66. Mitch McCurren says:

    Probably No Country for Old Men. Javier Bardem is insanely creepy in that movie (especially the coin toss scene). Also, shout out to Inside Llewyn Davis – great folk music and performance by Oscar Isaac.

  67. Joseph says:

    The Big Lebowski… perfect blend of funny and serious.

  68. michelle says:

    I loved Fargo, it was hilarious!

  69. debs davis says:

    O Brother Where Art Thou YES LOVE GEORGE

  70. jan tippit says:


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