THE 5th WAVE – review

The 5th Wave

After seeing this flick last night I really don’t want to relive it and review it tonight. Yes, that is how much I did not like this flick. We have another teen book series that thinks it can follow Twilight and Hunger games and make some money on he big screen. The story is based off of the Book written by Ricky Yancey, think of it as a Sci-Fi Hunger Gamers and Independence Day Mass up.5wave3

We start with an Alien Ship hat is stationed over Ohio, Dayton Ohio to be exact. They start attacking the world with what the people call waves. The first wave is an Emp blast that wipes out all electronics, 2nd is giant tidal waves that destroy cities and kill more humans, 3rd is a new version of the bird flu that kills even more humans. The fourth wave is where the aliens have taken over some humans so you can not tell if they are humans or aliens which they call The Others in the flick.5wave2

The fifth wave I won’t tell you exactly what it is, but if you don’t figure it out within 30 minutes of the flick shame on you. We have Cassie Sullivan (Chole Moretz) who ends up lossing her parents, and her little brother Sammy (Zackary Arthur) is taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base by the United States Army. (Growing up in the State of Ohio and visiting Wright Patterson, I find it funny they are in the flick because the rumor has always been the aliens from Roswell ended up at Wright Patterson). Cassie is determined to find her brother even if it means walking 60 miles through the woods.5wave4

I love this part of the flick, because I would do anything for my younger brothers and sisters. This being said the rest of the story and plot line is so predictable and cliché I don’t even think the movie should be on the Disney Channel for ids to watch.

While on the way to Wright-Patterson Cassie meets a new friend Evan Walker (Alex Roe) who is very infatuated with Cassie and really wants to help her fiend her brother. Cassie doesn’t know if she can trust Evan, is he Human or is he an Other? You will find out, but again if you don’t figure it out on your own in 2 minutes of meeting Evan sham on you.5wave5

The whole time Cassie is trying to get to the base, her High School crush Ben Parish (Nick Robinson) is being trained as a leader of an Army of children that does include her brother Sammy. They are part of Squad 53 which are being trained to take on what they believe is the 5th Wave. Colonel Vosch (Liev Schreiber) is calling the shoots on Wright-Patterson, but who is he really?5wave6

This might be a good book to read, but the direction of the flick and dialogue is so Bad people were laughing and not at funny parts. I grade The 5th Wave an F. I did not enjoy it at all and I would rather sit through a Twilight Marathon than watch this movie again. That is saying a lot for me…

Brad Watts


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