RIDE ALONG 2 -review

Ride Along 2

Like Ride Along this is another buddy cop flick with one experienced Detective James Payton (Ice Cube) and one not so much Ben Barber (Kevin Hart). They always seem to form a bond and catch the Bad Guy. This flick is no different much more of the same. The problem with this flick is that it isn’t very funny.ride2

As we found out in the first flick Ben is getting ready to marry James sister Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter). The wedding is coming up soon, but she needs Ben out of her hair and out of Atlanta while she finishes up her plans for the wedding. She gets her opportunity when a case is taking James out of Atlanta to Miami.ride4

Enter Miami and a new partner to help with the not so much Comedy of the flick Maya (Olivia Munn). She is a Detective who is investigating Antonio Pope (Benjamin Bratt). Let me tell you yes, there are some funny points in the flick, but not as much as Ride Along 2. A.J. (Ken Jeong) is a hacker who used to work for Pope, but is going to help the Detectives get Pope under arrest.

The best part of the flick is Ice Cube and his responses to how crazy Hart acts. I find the two very entertaining for around a half hour, but I find it boring after and hour, and I can’t stand it for the hour and forty two minutes.ride5

I would wait for dvd or netflix, or not even see this flick. Instead see Lethal Weapon 1 or 2. Those are much more entertaining, and is the same character set up, just with a better cast, and plot line. I grade Ride Along 2 a D.

Brad Watts


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