13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi


I was lucky enough to interview two of the real life Heroes that helped tell this story in a book written by Mitchell Zuckoff. John “Tig” Tiegen and Mark “Oz” Geist came to St. Louis a few months ago and I was part of a round table interview you can listen to Below.

After spending a half hour with these heroes I was really excited this week to see the movie. I was nervous because Michael Bay was the Director and we all know how he can get over exaggerated with explosions. I told myself that Tig and Oz said they would not let a film be released that did not tell the story the correct way.


Without getting political, because yes, I think this is a political matter in the upcoming elections, but I also think the movie does a great job telling the story without mentioning politicians names, but the story does damaged to the political office that held power at the time. Here we go….

We start this story with Jack Da Silva (John Kransinki) entering Benghazi for the first time and meeting his Navy Seal buddy Tyrone S. “Rone” Woods (James Badge Dale), who is the leader of their contract team named G.R.S. G.R.S was in Benghazi to protect a C.I.A. Annex with the Chief (David Costabile) controlling what the Security detail does and when they can engage. This will be a huge point to the story.13hours4

Along with Jack and Rone the rest of the G.R.S. team consisted of Oz (Max Martini), Tig (Dominic Fumusa), Boon (David Denman), and Kris “Tonto” Paronto (Pablo Schrieber). All of these men have years of military experience, they know what they are doing and they soon prove it.

We all know part of the story of Benghazi where our Embassy falls and they kill Ambassador Chris Stevens. Stevens really should not have gone to Benghazi to begin with, we learn very early in the movie it is one of the most dangerous countries on Earth at that time. The part of the story we don’t know is the 13 Hours that we see here on film where as one of the Contract workers say They are sick of this 2012 Alamo Bull shit.13hours6

We have all seen films where soldiers must over come a force larger than what they are, this flick is no different. Bay has out done himself with the way he staged the battles. We sit in the flick feeling the intense waiting the outcome of every battle. We get pissed when we see the Americans call for back u, and back up never comes. They even request for just a fly -by and that doesn’t happen.

The scene I get pissed at you have seen in the trailers where the Chief tells the crew to stand down for 20 minutes after the fighting began in the Embassy. The team was up and ready within 5 minutes, but waited too long which leads to disaster.13hours3

This is by far the Best Michael Bay flick I have ever seen. I grade this flick a solid A. I loved the story (pissed me off) which it will any true American, but it is told very well, and is very entertaining.

Brad Watts


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