Director Alejandro Gonalez Inarriu’s brought us one of my favorite flicks last year in Birdman.  This year he brings us THE REVENANT that takes place in the days of the frontier.  Yes, this flick is very gory, has a lot of heart, and is a revenge story. rev1

The best part of the film is the cinematography that is by Emmanuel Lubezki.  I know I don’t talk about the Cinematography, but with this flick I have to say it is some of the best I saw all year, ranks up there with Mad Max.  rev2

We start in the 1820’s where a bunch of Frontiersman are trading and hunting for furs.  Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) along with his son Hawk (Forrest Goodluck) are the companies guide in the wilderness.  At this time in the Americas there has been lots of conflict between frontiersman and Native Americans.  We see a huge battle within the first 10 minutes of the flick that makes the survivors in the company flee down river.  rev5

We learn that Hawk’s mother has passed, and that Glass was once part of a Native American tribe.  He and his son do get blamed by John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) for the Native American attack.  He is there just to make money like most of the company, but is more crude and rude.  He even calls Hawk a half-breed, and is going against Glass every chance he has.  rev3

Glass is scouting ahead of the survivors, and does get attacked by a Mother Bear.  This is one of the most realistic Animal attack I have ever seen on film.  The survivors carry Glass who can’t move or really speak through the wilderness until the Captain Andrew Henry (Domhnall Gleeson)decides to leave Glass with his son, Fitzgerald, and Bridger (Will Poulter).  They are to give Glass a proper burial when he passes.

The problem with this plan is Fitzgerald is very impatient and time is money. He takes things into his own hands, Hawk goes missing (not going to tell you what happens to Hawk), and Glass is buried in a very shallow grave, not being all the way dead.  This is a mistake on Fitzgerald’s part, and Glass escapes not only his grave, but also the wilderness just to try and find Fitzgerald.

This is one of my favorite DiCaprio’s work.  I think I liked him in Departed just a little better, but I do think he has a very good shot at getting an Oscar this year.  Like I said earlier the Cinematography is truly amazing.  I grade The Revenant an A.  I loved the flick I liked the gore because it was true to life at the time period.

Brad Watts

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