Writer, Director Quentin Tarantino has brought us some great films in the past.  Most of these flick I love, and they all have certain Tarantino touches, you could say.  They all have profanity, violence, blood, and some great dialogue.  I think what makes a Tarantino flick is mainly his dialogue, his is a master of dialogue.


THE HATEFUL EIGHT is Tarantino’s version of the old Western.  We just get to really see what happens when a six shooter, or two blows off someones head.  The problem is getting to the violence, most of the first half of the flick has no violence just very, very good dialogue and acting.  So… here we go…

We begin with a Bounty Hunter John “The Hangman” Ruth (Kurt Russell) who has captured Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh).  He is bringing her to Hang at a town called Red Rock, by stagecoach in a crazy snowstorm, that is becoming a blizzard.  They almost run into another Bounty Hunter Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson), who is a former Major in the Union vs. the Confederate army in the Civil War.  His horse has passed and needs a ride, and after a long conversation with John he lets the Major in.  hateful2

We then get some get back and fourth with the three, the Major, John and Daisy.  Right in the middle of a great scene they run into Chris Mannix (Walter Goggins), who is not a bounty hunter, but a former Civil war Confederate who is going to be the new sheriff in Red Rock.  The weather conditions continue to worsen and the whole clan along with their driver O.B. (James Parks) head to a stopping point called Millie’s Haberdashery.hateful3

Major is very familiar with this stopping point, but when they arrive Millie and the other normal guests are not there.  Instead we have Oswaldo Mobray (Tim Roth), Bob (Damian Bichir), Joe Gage (Michael Madsen, and Sanford Smithers (Bruce Dern).  This is where we get our eight.  We have some great dialogue throughout the flick, but some really great between Major Warren and Smithers.  They have some history to hash out, but I am not going to spoil any of this flick.

As only the great Tarantino can do, he put a bunch of great actors in a tight space, and gave them lot’s of words to throw at each other.  These actors use the words Tarantino gives them with precise accuracy and what we see is a great flick.  All of the actors shine in this flick, but I think Jennifer Jason Leigh should at least get a nom for best supporting actress.  She is amazing in this flick, probably the best I have seen her in anything ever.  Jackson does an amazing job as well and might get a nom for best supporting actor.  hateful4

I grade this flick an A.  If you like Tarantino you will love this flick.  Think of it as all of his masterpieces mixed together.  You will love this 3 hour flick in the theater if you like his films.  If not…. 3 hours might be long for you.

Brad Watts

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