As Writer Max Landis takes us deep into the darkness that comes from turning the dead into THE LIVING…we meet up with a circus freak ~ who has caught the eye of the one, the only Dr. Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy), as he is bound and determined to release this poor creature from his torturous life…

Enhoused now in Victor’s home and attempting to begin a semi-normal existence after having been relieved of his afflictions at the hand of the good Dr. too…the newly named Igor Strausman (Daniel Radcliffe) is fast becoming Victor’s right hand man…frank2

Igor decides the time has come to travel out into the world, as he checks in on his beloved Lorelei (Jessica Brown Finlay)~ the trapeze artist from the circus who he helped save ~ as he makes sure that the nurses are doing everything possible for her, to make sure she makes a fully recovery…frank3

When Dr. Frankenstein decides to finally share HIS WORK with Igor ~ it isn’t long until he is presenting in front of the Medical School, showing the world his very 1st Creation…a mammal that he has brought back to life…

Achieving this greatness has only fueled the man driven by his own madness, as Dr. Frankenstein continues his work ~ with or without Igor ~ as he won’t stop his intense work until he has achieved his greatest achievement, bringing A MAN TO LIFE now too…frank4

I give VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN a rating of:  WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON NETFLIX – Okay, so you pretty well know the story going in ~ Man creates life from death – and this life tries to kill him in the end…so, with that said, even though significant portions of this film encompassed amazing cinematography, I just wasn’t sold on this film in any shape or form, not even with the twist of Igor telling the tale from his own perspective.  Yes, I enjoyed seeing Radcliffe, and his performance is acceptable, and McAvoy’s performance isn’t bad either, I just wasn’t feeling this new take on the 19th century novel by Mary Shelley.  Maybe it was the extreme darkness and creepiness factors this time around that didn’t WOW ME, or maybe it was the fact that this film screamed to be released closer to Halloweenor evecn releasing it nearer to Summer would have made more sense, because releasing something this icky and grotesque right before the holidays is just ridiculous timing.  Plus, even though they set this film up to have a sequel, I just can’t see enough people heading to the theaters to see it to warrant the studios making the investment to take on this storyline again, I mean, I might be wrong, but I think VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN is only going to have this one opportunity to create his MONSTER from beyond…

Kathy Kaiser   

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