PIXAR is letting Peter Sohn direct his first feature flick.  The Good Dinosaur is Pixar’s new animated flick that has amazing animation, better than I think I have ever seen.   Yes, your kids will enjoy the flick. The will laugh, be on the edge of their seats, and like all good Disney flicks cry at parts.  dino3

I think the story might be a little stolen from some animated flicks of the past, which does make it a little slow, but overall with the amazing animation adults will enjoy the flick as well.  The story begins with an Asteroid almost hitting Earth.  We then meet a family of Dinosaurs, Papa (Jeffery Wright), Mama ( Frances McDormand), the runt of their three children is Arlo (Raymond Ochoa).  dino2

Arco is who the movie revolves around.  He is afraid of everything, his family chickens, the critter that is eating his families Corn harvest who we find out is Spot (Jack Bright).  When Arlo lets Spot out of a trap this one act of kindness will change his life forever.

Arlo faces a few obstacles, losing a parent, and also getting lost far away from his home.  He starts to befriend Spot and they start having a relationship where they have each others back.  They run into a bunch of situations and new characters.  Thunderclap (Steve Zahn) is a pterodactyl that is trying to eat Spot after a storm goes by.

Yes, they get away, but then run into a family of three T-Rex dinosaurs.  The family is Butch (Sam Elliott), Ramsey (Anna Paquin, and Nash (A.J. Buckley).  Spot and Arlo help these three out, and in return they help Arlo find the right direction is go get home.  dino4

I think kids will enjoy the story, and i know they will cry in the flick, maybe twice.  I won’t tell you why. but just beware and bread with tissues.  This flick takes us all on an emotional roller coaster, where they are right on with the funny part when they meet the T-Rex family and help the out.

I grade THE GOOD DINOSAUR a solid B .  This is a good, but not a great flick.  I do think the animation is amazing.  The problem with The Good Dinosaur is that you don’t know where the Pixar flick will rank among all of the other Pixar flicks, but it is good, and you will laugh, and cry.

Brad Watts

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