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The first thing I will say is would you go see a flick called Rocky VII?  Now Rocky was great, but lets be serious no one would have been in line to see Rocky VII like they are waiting on the edge of their seats to see Star Wars VII.  This would be the main reason writer/director Ryan Coogler named this flick Creed.  

Coogler casted  Michael B. Jordan who he worked with in Fruitvale Station to be Adonis Creed.  The son of Apollo Creed who Rocky faced in previous Rocky flicks.  He is trying to find Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) so he can have a trainer that will help him get in the ring to do what he believes he is meant to do and that is fight.  creed2

Mary Ann Creed (Phylicia Rasad) took in Adonis when he was young and in a juvenile detention center.  We quickly learn Adonis’s mother passed away, and she was Apollo’s mistress.  Mary Ann decided to take in Adonis who is like his father in he wants to fight.  Yes, Adonis can fight, but he needs help controlling his technique and not just running around the ring throwing punches.  This is where Rocky comes in as a trainer.  

Adonis wants to make it in the boxing world on his own merit and not his name.  This proves harder than it looks.  Adonis does finally convince Rocky to come help train him, this takes a while because Rocky doesn’t want to get back in the ring, or near the ring. creed4

Just likeRocky 1 there is a love story.  Adonis find love in a girl who lives in his apartment complex in Philly.  Bianca (Tessa Thompson) is a singer who is loosing her hearing.  They fall into love with each other quickly, but this isn’t a huge part of the flick which is nice.  Yes, have a love story for the females to enjoy, but keep the focus on the fighting, training, and growth in friendship between Adonis and Rocky.  

Jordan does a great job as Adonis he is emotional when he needs to be, and he makes a great fighter.  The star of the flick will end up being Stallone.  I think he might get a best supporting role.  He might not win it , but does deserve a nomination.  creed3

I grade Creed a solid A.  I loved it, might not be as good as Rocky, but it is way better than any of the sequels we have seen before. I think they kept the feel of Rocky, and made a better fight movie.

Brad Watts

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