When three lifelong friends Anthony Mackie, Seth Rogen, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all get together for a final Christmas-eve Blow Out party what we can expect is a hilarious fun flick.  I alway think if you can laugh enough at a flick you will forgive a plot line.  You all remember Harold & Kumar flicks all of them have very bad plot lines, but we all enjoyed watching it because we laughed.  night4

Writer/Director Jonathan Levine who brought us Warm Bodies and 50/50 among others has written a new Holiday Party flick.  What the three friends do on the final night where they are in search for the Nutcracker Ball which is the Party to end all Parties.  night3

Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) lost his parents in an accident before Christmas when he was in high school.  On that Christmas Eve his two friends Chris (Anthony Mackie) and Isaac (Rogen), take Ethan out on the town to help him realize he still had family. They do what most  New Yorkers do during the Holidays go to Rockefeller Center to see the Tree, play the giant Piano at F.A.O. Swartz, and end the night at the karaoke bar. night2

Over the years the friends have grown up, one is married and his wife is pregnant, another is a pro football star, and the third still hangs on to the night and the hope he gets to finally see the Nutcracker Ball.  On this night the final night Isaac and Chris plan to get down and party with Ethan one find eve, and it starts with Isaac’s wife gives him a box full of drugs.  

Yes, this is a comedy where Seth Rogan plays high most of the flick, he does this week.  I laugh a lot of the times he is on screen.  There are some great Texts that go back and fourth with …. Wait I am not going to give away some of the surprise cameos.  night5

The one that makes this flick though is Mr. Green (Mike Shannon) he is the three friends drug dealer from way back.  I loved almost everything he said, plus how he says it.  I think this flick is great, one of the best raunchy comedies for the holidays I have seen in a long time.  I grade this flick a B.  While it isn’t as good as some of the other Rogan flicks it still does what it intends to do, push the limits of raunchy, have some great cameos, and make us laugh.  THIS FLICK IS FOR ADULTS ONLY!!!!  

Brad Watts

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