Mockingjay Part 2

The final movie in the Hunger Games franchise is finally here! It’s both exciting and sad to see these movies coming to an end. I have anxiously awaited every film coming out, having read all the books I was very invested into The Hunger Games. With that being said I was also very curious how they were going to make all the action that happens at the end of this book come to life in the movie…mockingjay4

We pick up right where we left off with Katniss in the hospital trying to recover from the neck and vocal cord injury sustained by Peeta at the end of Mockingjay Part 1. Still very sore and barley able to talk Katniss is still trying to fight through the horror that the capitol has brought upon her and make life better for everyone. She is joined by Joanna, who is also still in the hospital but now hooked on morphine and just trying to make it through the day ahead of her. Luckily, Finnick and Annie have recovered well and are getting ready to be married in district 13. mockingjay3

Heymich wants Katniss to observe Peeta and a new effort they are trying to make him see that capital brainwashed him. They send in Prim to show him someone from district 12, someone that he can relate too and trust. Katniss watches from a double window and sees that Peeta has been strapped down and Prim is permitted to enter the room. He recognizes her immediately and beings to ask her questions about home, why his family hasn’t visited, why is she there, did Katniss send her in? With the mention of Katniss, Peeta immediately beings to work himself up, his eyes become almost black and he accuses Prim of coming to spy on him for Katniss. Trying to convince her that she can’t trust Katniss and that Katniss must be killed. They escort Prim from the room. The next trial is a few days later when they send Katniss in the room to talk to Peeta. Surprisingly he keeps his temper under control but the conversation is far from anything Katniss ever imagined Peeta saying to her. His words are short and cold and direct to the heart. Leaving Katniss with no choice but to leave the room and make a decision that will change everything. mockingjay2

President Coin decides that sending Katniss to fight on the front lines is no longer a good idea. Katniss doesn’t agree with this decision. Her one and only purpose in life is to end the life of President Snow. Since Coin doesn’t think she’s of any help to her the only choice she has is to sneak to the battle grounds herself and join the front line with Gale. Joanna gives her the Intel she needs to make the decision and the next thing you know Katniss is on the front line. President Snow decides she has no choice but to leave her there and let her join the fight. Katniss, Gale, the filming crew, Finnick and a few others are put on an elite team to enter the capitol miles behind the front line and film Propo Ad’s to show them that the districts are not backing down. Once in the capitol they see that the Hunger Games have just started again, with pods throughout the city it takes an entire day just to go a few blocks safely. While resting on the first night a truck arrives with a new member to the team; none other than Peeta. Of course they have no choice but to bring him along and continue their fight through the city. Katniss is not going to stop until she has reached her goal, to end President Snow’s life. mockingjay5

I don’t think it’s fair to go any further into the movie from there without spoiling things for anyone. If you have read the books you will be very pleasantly surprise, that is, if you liked the books. This movie is pretty exact to the book. I was very happy to see the action from the book translated to the movie very well. I think it was a perfect ending to an incredible franchise. I hope you take time this weekend to go check out the final chapter of the Hunger Games. I give the movie an A+!

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