THE 33 – review

The 33

2010 a world wide audience watched as the 33 Chilean miners were pulled up to safety from the 765 yards in the mine that collapsed on them.  This all happened playing out on our televisions for 69 days.

This is your typical feel good flick with a story of survival and brotherhood.  Living off milk and tuna for 2 weeks, and not knowing if you will be rescued or not.  They were stuck in a gold and cooper mine.  While rescuers sent drills into the mountain to find the miners, finally one broke through.  33a

We already knew how the flick would end, but watching this on film kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the flick.  With the international team working to drill the escape route all live on t.v. and internet the miners all became stars.  Super Mario Mario Sepulveda (Antonio Banderas) was the outspoken energetic miner who surfaced pumping his fists.

Director Patricia Riggen  has brought us a very gritty story based off of Deep Down Dark the book by Hector Tobar.  In the book he recounts the miners ordeal as well as what their families were going through waiting in the makeshift camp for any sign of life and hope of survival.  33b

Rigged of course, could only focus on a handful of the characters.  With Sepulveda playing the heroic character, looks the part with Banderas playing him, but Banderas didn’t get his charism down, he wasn’t as funny as the real life Super Mario.

Maria Segovia (Juliette Binoche) is the one who demands the government do something to help the miners.  Don Lucho (Lou Diamond Phillips) is the shift leader who is full of guilt for the collapse to happen while he was in charge.

The one miss I think in the casting was Bob Gunton as the Chilean President.  I didn’t buy his accent or his behavior as President Pinera.  He is much better as the warden of Shaw-shank.  Another negative is some of the dialogue that takes place in the flick.  33c

Yes this is a disaster flick and yes the scenes of the mine collapse are breath taking, and the struggle to survive that first 17 days was the best part of this story.   I grade the flick an 81/2 out of 10. If you like disaster movies you will like this flick of hope and the desire to live.

Tony Washington

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