When my friend Brad Watts asked me to spring on over to view Love the Coopers I jumped for the opportunity. That being said, I honestly did not have a clue what it was about. I hadn’t see a commercial or tag line before making my way across the isle to plop down into a nice comfy chair. This in itself was a strange experience; I usually know what I am going into and have a biased opinion made up before the titles roll. For this movie however, I was a clean slate.coop2

Love the Coopers is a holiday season family comedy that, in my opinion, takes a realistic approach to this time of the year. The movie’s narrator, starting you off at the limbs of the Cooper family tree, twirls you down the cracked ol’ birch until you arrive at the rotting roots below. coop3

Normally a Christmas comedy does everything in its’ power to leave the viewer with a warm fuzzy feeling of family love and happiness, not this movie. Love the Coopers runs out to the yard to find the biggest dysfunctional family stick it can and beats the audience over the head with it for the duration of the movie. I for one love it.

I generally I hate comedies, and feel good films but Love the Coopers’ s cast has a delivery that made me fall in love with it. The humor is dry and situational, they are not grasping for straws here. coop5

With everything the movie does right, I have to poke a few holes just for argument’s sake. 

My biggest complaint was the ending. Without giving away any spoilers, I feel like the direction of the movie was thrown out the window at the end to please the masses. It is okay I guess, I just had this movie on such a pedestal and at the last second I received a Karate Kid crane kick to the face.

Other than bad CGI effects, product placement, and the longest cop car ride in history, the film delivered.

Love the Coopers is a holiday comedy worth watching. It is funny, realistic, and doesn’t try to cram holiday spirit down your throat. If nothing else you get to look at the beautiful Olivia Wilde for an hour or so.

I give Love the Coopers a C+. This flick is above average, but the ending killed it for me. 

Ryan Besse

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