The Peanuts Movie

This I would describe as a tribute flick for The Peanuts gang. The 3D computer Animated movie is directed by Steve Martino and really animates all the great Peanut comic strip moments in one flick.peanuts3

From Lucy giving out psychological advice for 5 cents, pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, Brown on the baseball pitchers mound, Snoopy as Joe Cool and the World War I flying ace. If you grew up on the Peanuts you will see all of your favorites. That is what makes this flick great for the adults, but not so much for the kids. My 11 year old and her friend did not like this flick as much as I did.peanuts2

The flick starts in the winter, and a new student is moving into the neighborhood. All the gang is curious to see who he or she might be. The move in interrupts a great scene where everyone is skating and Snoopy steals Linus’s blanket. Charlie Brown (Noah Schnapp) has fallen in love at first site with the new girl on the block, Yes, the little Red Haired Girl (Francesca Capaldi). Most of the flick is Brown trying to impress her so she will notice him and like him. Little does he know that all he had to do was be himself. Good lesson in my book for an animated flick to give to the kids. Of course, Lucy (Hadley Miller) does very little to help him, she is actually a Bully. Her brother Linus (Alex Garfin) gives Brown the advice from the beginning, but Brown doesn’t listen. (Just like the comic strips).peanuts6

While Brown is chasing the Little Red Haired Girl, Snoopy is doing his own story kind of Parallel to Browns love story. Snoopy (recorded voice of the late Bill Melendez) who also voices Woodstock, is typing out a love story that takes place during World War I. This is where the World War I flying ace is chasing the Red Barron who has capture his love Fifi (Kristen Chenoweth). This story is being edited by Woodstock who throws a lot of the typed pages away.peanuts4

I loved the story, the 3D animation looked amazing, and we got to see all our favorite Peanut Gang members. From Schroeder (Noah Johnston). Sally (Mariel Sheets), Peppermint Patty (Venus Schultheis), Marcie (Rebecca Bloom), and Pig Pen (A.J. Tecce). I enjoyed seeing a new Peanut movie like we did when I was younger and the Great Pumpkin came on TV. for the first time. I am just not sure how well the younger generation will take to the new Peanut Movie and accept Schulz’s timeless work. Only time and the box office will tell.peanuts5

I grade The Peanut movie a C+. I liked it, but I think it has been too long since we had a n original Peanut work, and maybe society has changed and will not accept the fun loving Gang.

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