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Bond, James Bond is back in the Sam Mendes directed SPECTRE. Yes, Bond (Daniel Craig) is trying to stop evil from taking over the world. So how does this 2 ½ hour Bond film rate? 007 has the license to kill, so yes we see killing, he also loves the women and he usually gets the one he wants. Craig has always played a great Bond, and with Mendes who also directed Skyfall I was hoping for more of the same.spectre3

Spectre does start where Skyfall ended, but it also can stand on it’s own as a flick. I think Craig has made Bond a more serious character, not over the top as some of his predecessors. He is more straight to the point, and a little dark. Somewhat like the Dark Knight with no costume.spectre2

Spoiler Alert: It you haven’t seen Skyfall M (Judi Dench) does die, and with Bond in Mexico City mourning the death of his former boss, and friend is where we first see him in action. As with most Bond flicks there is a high action chase scene before the beginning song and credits, sung by Sam Smith. This scene is high explosive, with parades, guns, killings, and an amazing Helicopter scene.

When Bond arrives back in London his new boss M (Ralph Fiennes) puts him under a house arrest to stay in London. We soon meet C (Andrew Scott) who is heading a company that wants to bring all the country’s intelligence under one massive roof. Civil rights mean nothing to C he thinks if he knows everything about everyone, and sees all he can prevent most crimes and terrorism acts.spectre5

Bond is busy investigating leads that the late M had left him. He recruits Money Penny (Naomie Harris), and Q(Ben Winslow) to help. It was really nice to see Q get out of his lab. Madeleine Swan (Lea Seydoux) is Bond’s main love interest, who happens to be the daughter of one of his former rivals. All the leads point to one main organization, Yes you guessed it, SPECTRE.

Spectre is headed by Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz). I am not going to give any of the main plot twists, but I will say Bond and Oberhauser have a very complicated past, and there is no love loss between them.spectre6

Skyfall had the great Good guy Bad guy chemistry between Bond and the villain Javier Bardem. I was a little disappointed their wasn’t the banter and chemistry between Craig and Waltz in Spectre. I can only blame Mendes and the writers for not putting Waltz with Craig in more scenes. It was kind of like eating an amazing Steak Dinner and when it came to Desert we got a pop tart. The story and adventure leading up to meeting Oberhauser was great, but then it was a let down. Mendes didn’t let Waltz do his evil villain thing he does so well. Don’t get me wrong Waltz is a great bad guy, but I wish he was on the screen more.

There are a ton of call backs to previous Bond films even one of the Villains has a Cat. If you like Bond flicks this is a must see, you will enjoy it I did. I grade Spectre a B, would’ve been an A if more scenes with Waltz and Craig were used.

Brad Watts


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