Director Christophe Landon has brought to the big screen a Horror/ Comedy.  When I say comedy I mean high school boy comedy like in (if you are older) Porky’s, American Pie, or even Shun of the Dead.  With a script written by Emi Mochizuki, Landon, and Carrie Evans, we get a lot of blood and guts, and some laughs.  scout2

The film begins with Ben (Tye Sheridan), Auggie (Joey Morgan), and Carter (Logan Miller) have all been friends since childhood and are currently sophomores in high school.  With Ben and Carter having felt for awhile they have gotten too old for Scouts, Augie is a little on the geeky side and loves the Scouts.  The two don’t have the heart to tell their friend they are done with Scouts so they continue to go through the motions.

Ben and Carter have a plan to sneak away from a Scouting Campout to attend a Senior party.  Their plan is ruined when Augie finds out they have snuck away while he was sleeping and is hurt his friends have left him.  While sneaking out there has been an uprising of Zombies.  Ben and Carter realize that they are among the few people from the community that are still alive.


We then meet Denise (Sarah Dumont) a waitress at Lawrence of Alabia , a Strip Joint.  Denise is not only a big breasted blonde, but she can wield a shotgun.  Denise gets the three of them out of trouble for just a little while, but Augie comes back on the scene, and helps them as Scouts know Be Prepared.


This is where it really gets good, in a hardware store and inventing some great anti-zombie weapons.  With them using all the power tools you would find at your local hardware store we get to see a lot of blood and guts from the Zombies. scout1

Scouts does manage to be not only a good comedy, but also a friendship goodie style adventure, with a little bit of scary, and a lot of blood.  I grade Scouts a solid B.  Men will love the blood and guts, and women if you can get past the Blood, you will have fun, laugh a lot, and also so a flick with Heart and friendship.

Tiffany Watts


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