Richie Lanz (Bill Murray) is a has been, washed up old time music manager who had his time to shin in the 70’s and 80’s.  We see photos of him with some of the legendary talent of our time.  Richie now manages no talent women who can not care a tune.  He does have one client who sings covers from other artists.  Ronnie (Zooey Deschanel) is singing at a bar when a talent scout hears he and books her and her manager on a so tour and they are off to the Middle East. kasbah2

Richie and Ronnie leave California and the adventure starts as soon as they are in the air. Ronnie gets cold feat and abandons Richie, taking his passport and all his money.  This unfortunately is the last time we see Ronnie and this will be a trend, just when you start to like a character they love the flick and never come back.  kasbah3

Richie ends up running into the main hooker Merci (Kate Hudson), two drug addicted gun and ammo runners Jake (Scott Caan) and Nick (Danny McBride), and finally an American Mercenary Bombay (Bruce Willis).  You can tell that this is a project centered around Murray and I think he was able to improv some of his lines.  Murray is great, but the only other characters we see throughout is Merci and Bombay.  kasbah5

Richie ends up helping Jake and Nick, with what I won’t go into it you will have to see the flick to find out.  He does end up in a Afghan tribal community where he discovers Salima (Leem Lubany) as she is singing in a cave.  Her main goal is to win Afghan Star, but there is one problem she is a women.  In her religion and community the women are not suppose to do anything to draw attention to herself.  She sings an amazing version of Wide World and her father and other members of the family are threatened with death.

We then get an action scene where Richie teams up with Bombay to help defend Salima and her family.  Yes, this flick has a crazy and weird plot line.  We learn in the credits that Salima has been inspired by Setara Hussainzada who in really life appeared on Afghan Star.  Murray is great his one liners are hilarious, but the new star of this flick is Leem, her voice is amazing.  I think the main problem in the movie is we never get closer on some of the characters.

I grade the flick a C+.  I enjoyed the flick, I really liked Murray and think he gives us another great performance.  I just think the plot is too crazy and that some of the stars isn’t in the flick enough.

Brad Watts

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