I’m sure when you saw the release of the trailer for Goosebumps you were just was excited as I was to see this being made into a movie. Goosebumps is a series of books written by R. L. Stine that are geared towards Tweens. All the books have scary creatures and stories to give the kids a little something to lose sleep over. Goosebumps also became a tv series in the 90’s which you can still catch from time to time around Halloween. But now, you can watch the movie too!gb4

The movie starts with Zach, played by Dylan Minnette, moving with his mom Gale, played by Amy Ryan, back to Greendale where she has just purchased a home. Gale is the new Vice Principal of the High School that Zach will be attending. They aren’t alone in Greendale, Gale’s sister Lorraine, played by Jillian Bell, also lives in town and can’t wait to spend time with her sister and nephew bedazzling things! As Zach starts to feel very overwhelmed by his mom and aunt he decides to get started unpacking and getting settled in their new home. As he’s carrying in boxes he hears a voice and ventures over to his new neighbor’s house, meeting Hannah, played by Odeya Rush, hanging out her window checking things out. Their visit though is cut short because Hannah’s dad, played by Jack Black, has no tolerance for anyone, at all. Hannah’s dad is very quick to explain to Zach the boundaries of their home and how unwelcome he is there. gb2

The next day Zach finds himself at a new school starting as the new student and ready to walk in for the first day with his mom, the new Vice Principal of the school. Hoping to have some kind of chance at making new friends he convinces his mom to give him a 60 second head start out of the car. Things go as well as they can for someone starting a new school and Zach sits alone at the school assembly waiting for a speech from the principal and new vice principal, but he’s quickly joined by fellow student Champ, or Champion as he was named by his parents, played by Ryan Lee. Champ quickly introduces himself and invites Zach to the upcoming school dance with him, as friends! Going home that evening he has an unexpected surprise from his neighbor Hannah, who takes him on a walk to some pretty incredible places around town. Later that night as Zach is having dinner with his mom he hears yelling from his neighbor’s house. Immediately thinking of Hannah he watches to see what looks to be her dad harming and possibly killing her! He quickly calls 911 and next thing you know he’s on Hannah’s front porch with the police and his mother. Hannah’s dad answers and quickly dismisses the suggestion that there is anything wrong and explains his daughter left the day prior to go see her mother out of town. The police agree and everyone goes on their way but Zach knows better and decides to do a little investigating. gb1

Zach calls for back up from his new friend Champ. The boys decide to go next door and see what exactly happened to Hannah. After waiting for Hannah’s dad to leave they make their way into the house by picking a lock to the basement door. The find out quickly that Hannah’s dad clearly doesn’t want anyone in his house. After making their way through the maze the boys find themselves upstairs. Taking a moment to decide where to look for Hannah first, they hear a noise and go to save her. What they find instead is a study with a very interesting bookshelf. This book shelf is lined with books by R. L. Stine, not only that but each and every book is locked and the key is  held under a glass jar on the desk. Zack immediately takes a book to open but Champ does not agree, he has read all the R. L. Stine books and knows exactly how scary they are and he does not want to relive any of that! Just as he’s explaining this to Zach, Hannah pops in and scares everyone causing Zach to drop the book. As the book hit the ground  something incredible happens…The scary creature of the book appears right in front of them. He makes his way through the room and out the door with Hannah following quickly behind. Once they catch up to Hannah they find out what is actually going on…Her dad is R.L. Stine and those are his books… except they aren’t just books, if unlocked they become real. The only way to get them out of the human world is to suck them back into the books. The problem is, Slappy, the puppet has decided it would be fun to unleash every single book on the town. It’s up to R. L. Stine, Hannah, Zach and Champ to get them all back. gb5

I really enjoyed this movie. I went, of course, with my 11 year old daughter and she had a great time. She was scared just enough and it really kept her attention all the way through. I was really happy to see such a good tween movie. We both give this movie an A. I hope you take a little time out of your weekend to take your kiddos to check out this movie too.


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