I love Horror flicks and was extremely excited to see what Guillermo del Toro would bring to the Horror/Thriller movie genre.  With del Toro writing and Directing as well as assembling an amazing cast this flick should be one of del Toro’s finest.  crimson3

We begin in 1901 in New York.  This is a very dark and dreary place where Carter Cushing (Jim Beaver) a promenade business man and his beautiful daughter Edith (Mia Wasikowska) lives.  Edith’s passion is writing, she want to write a book, but no one will take her writing seriously because she is female.  Edith’s mother passed when she was young, but she has seen her as a ghost when she was young and her mother gave her a warning.  (Won’t spoil the movie).  This is one reason Edith writes about Ghosts which as I said before she knows is real.crimson4

While she is working on her book typing it on her father’s typewriter a British man Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) comes trying to get money for his new digging machine.  Edith who already has a gentleman caller in childhood friend Alan McMichael (Charlie Hunnam) who is also a Doctor.  Thomas does seem to overtake Alan’s place in Edith’s love book and a romance starts better her and Thomas.  One of my favorite scenes is when they attend a dance together where Thomas holds a candle between them, and we see Lucille (Jessica Chastain) who is Thomas’s sister and also the piano player.  


Yes this movie goes down the path you can force if you have seen any movie in the last ten years.  Thomas falls in love with Edith and wants to marry her, but his sister is against it. (won’t tell you why no spoilers).  There is a private investigator, a tragedy, and Thomas, Edith, and Lucille all move to England.  

The home they are moving Edith to is the family home that sits on red clay, and when it snows they call it Crimson Peak.  The snow makes the red clay run down the walls of the house looking like blood.  This home is filled with ghosts and as I said before Edith can see and speak to them.  Edith continues to be warned from most of the ghosts.  The best part of the script is that they kept a secret very secret.  crimson5

Visually this movie is amazing, which we could all assume from seeing other del Toro flicks, but he has out done himself yet again.  Chastain has a blast in her character you can tell she had fun playing a character she hasn’t played before.  Hunnam is good, not great, and not in it a whole bunch.  Wasikowska is her beautiful self playing a damsel that might or might not be in distress.  The main star of the flick is Hiddleston who play his Loki character, without being Loki.  We all love Loki right.  

I grade the flick a B.  This isn’t a horror flick as much as it is a gothic thriller.  You will become part of the movie with all the colors.  Some of the scenes are some of the best visually I have seen all year since Mad Max.  

Tiffany Watts

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