BRAD KANE – Interview

Interview with Brad Kane

Last week I was lucky enough to spend sometime in a round table interview with Brad Kane. Brad started out his career in theater, appearing in numerous Broadway shows including Grease, She Loves Me, and the original Broadway production of Evita. But the highlight of his career is still his role as the singing voice of Aladdin in both the original film and its sequels. He is currently a writer and Executive producer for the Emmy-winning Starz original TV series BLACK SAILS.

Brad was in town so we could learn about him, but also the release of the DIAMOND EDITION of ALADDIN on Blu-ray. With him being the original singing voice for Aladdin we all wanted to know how he got the part. Brad shared with us that he tried out for the part while he was a Sr. in High school. He sang the song Proud of Your Boy for Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, he got a thank you, and didn’t think much more about it. He graduated High school went onto college where he was in a band that toured and played Nirvana type music. He was attending NYU Film school and sleeping on basements floor while trying to do school and his band. He got a call from his Mother while on tour in Chicago that Disney wanted him to come and sing again for the Part. At this time, he was more into his band and didn’t really want to do a Disney film, but his Mother was right when she told him he would regret not doing the call back.brad1

Brad flew to Burbank and sang A Whole New World with Lea Salonga (who became the singing voice of Jasmine). He soon heard back from Disney that he got the part and the rest is Disney History.

We asked if he got to work with the late great Robin Williams, and unfortunately he did not. Williams came in around his schedule and they gave him props and Williams just really improved most all of the Genie part. Kane informed us there is a great documentary on the new Blu-ray showing some of these William sessions.

The whole interview is around 30 minutes listen below Kane is very personable and open to any question.

Be Sure to go and get your copy of the DIAMOND VERSION OF ALADDIN TUESDAY 13th

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