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We have had a lot of Peter Pan flicks in the past.  Peter Pan is one of my favorite Animated flicks growing up.  We have the live action sequel Hook that stared the great and late Robin Williams.  Now we have Pan I would call it a origin story.  pan3

Like I said I love Peter Pan, but I don’t think I ever thought of how Peter and Hook came about.  Writer Jason Fuchs takes the legendary characters that were crated by J.M. Barrie and made them nothing like they would become.  We have a Hook who is really a Indiana Jones want to be.  Hook (Garrett Hedlund) imitates Harrison Ford as IndianaJones in the speaking manner and even his mannerisms, one scene he lays down and puts his hat over his face just like Indiana Jones.  pan4

The story begins when we see Peter being left at an orphanage as a baby by his Mother (Amanda Seyfried).  Before she leaves him she puts a pan flute necklace around his neck, and we all know this necklace would mean something.  Peter (Levi Miller) grows up and has a best friend Nibs (Lewis MacDougall) wrecks havoc on the main Nun Mother Barnabas who is the virtual evil head Nun.  pan5

Peter is then taken by Pirates in a Cirque Du Soleil type scene, to Neverland.  We soon meet Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) who is the main villain of this story.  They sing or chant a NIRVANA song (which was weird, and then make the kids start mining for Pixie Dust.  pan6

Peter soon meets Hook who throughout the flick isn’t evil at all.  With Peter and Hook working together they soon escape the mines, and find themselves with the Natives.  Yes, Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara) is the main warrior.

Levi is great as Peter, Jackman has a blast playing Blackbeard, and does it well.  Hedlund gets really tiring as Hook or a Jones want to Be.  Mara holds her own even if she isn’t Native American.

All in all the cast works, the action is fun, but the problem with the flick is that the story does not work.  I think they cracked the door of the Origin story.  we don’t know how Hook becomes Evil, we didn’t really learn a lot about Tinker Bell.  I grade the flick a C.  Good, but not great.

Brad Watts

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