THE MARTIAN – review

Review: The Martian

I didn’t want to see this film.  Even as a reviewer, seeing it early, I didn’t want to see this film.  I was having a premonition that this would be another Tom Hanks talking to “Wilson” only with a Mars landscape.  My wife, a few weeks earlier, saw the preview and said she really wanted to see it.  I told her there would be no way she could drag me into that movie.  Then it happened.   At the last minute I was asked to fill in for a reviewer and I knew my wife wanted to see the flick, so we went.  I will cut to the chase, I loved it. I loved every second.   It was one of those films where time stood still and I could not believe it was over so quickly.   martian2

The movie is based around the astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon).  He is on mars with a crew of astronauts who were there taking samples and setting up a base.  Mars apparently has a very harsh environment and while the crew was out taking readings, a large storm, unexpectedly hits them.  While trying to get back to the ship, a piece of debris hits Watney and knocks out his space transponder.   The sand storm is so violent, that commander Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain) thinks he is dead and orders the crew to leave mars because their ship was about to be blown over.  We next see Watney wake up and realize he is alone with no way to contact anyone and only a limited supply of food.  martian4

The main thing I was afraid of was having a movie limited to one character with no one to interact with. For Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” he adopted a volley ball and we were let into his mind with his monologues, taking to his shredded volley ball “Wilson”.  We get to see Watney’s thoughts by him keeping video logs in the base.  He had electricity and a way to record his final days, even though he was not able to transmit them, he knew someone would find them on a future mission.  martian1

The movie was well written, the acting was stellar and the cinematography was top notch. The movie was filled with disco songs, because Lewis left her music collection and that was all that was in it.  No other music was available, and even though Watney stated that he didn’t like it, he warmed up to the disco beats.  martian3

There have been some timely discoveries made this past week off the silver screen.  NASA reported that there is periodic flowing water on Mars. I couldn’t believe it.  This opens up the possibility that there may be life on the red planet.  Wouldn’t that be incredible? 

So in the end, this is a movie that you should spend your money on, go see it in the theater, you won’t be disappointed.  There is no need to see it in 3-D, I previewed it that way and it was not needed. I was awed by this flick.   This is the best movie I have seen in several years.  

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