Writer Director Leslye Headland has brought a unique direction and vision for a romantic comedy.  I am usually not a fan of the so called chick flick, but Headland writes and directs this like a male sports movie.  Yes, this flick will be enjoyable by both male and females.  The best part is most of the flick the couple that should be together don’t realize they should.  sleep2

There are a few sexual intercourse scenes, but nothing really graphic, lots of great dirty jokes (Men will love), and a romance story the women in your life will love. The first scene is where two college students are having their first sexual experience.  Where most of the Romantic-Comedy genre caters to teenagers in high school this one is directed to adults.  

Jake (Jason Sudeikis) meets Lainey (Alison Brie) in his college dorms.  Lainey is in a drunken state knocking, and kicking the door of Matthew (Adam Scott) who is a nerdy teaching assistant that is not answering his door. This is when Jake enters the picture, and saves Lainey from being kicked out of the dorm.  Things happen between the two in a great scene with both of them speaking frankly about life and sex.  That is what is great about this flick the dialogue is great back and fourth banter that is very entertaining.  sleep4

We jump into the future with Lainey breaking up with a boyfriend after cheating on him with Matthew over 16 times.  Yes Lainey is still hooked on Matthew after all the years he still drives her insane.  Jake and Lainey then meet at a place (I can’t tell you where it is, but it is perfect for the story).  Throughout the rest of the flick they have these blunt conversations about sex, and relationships.  sleep3

There are a few scenes I could have lived without, like when the two go to a kids birthday party on the drug Molly.  For the most part the flick is hilarious, witty, and very well written and acted.  Sudeukis is great as Jake and is very funny, and witty.  Brie is great as Lainey her comedic timing is hilarious and spot on.  

I give this flick a B + and recommend the flick for all couples.  You will all like it men and women alike, I think it is the best Romantic Comedy I have seen in years. 

Brad Watts 

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