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The Walk is based on the true story of Phillippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).  Pete is the man who in 1974 walked on a tight rope across the Twin Towers in New York.  Director Robert Zemeckis has brought us a great story about Petit, it just takes a little bit to get it going.  This story was told in a 2008 Oscar winning Documentary titled Man on a Wire that was directed by James Marsh.  thewalk3

Zemeckis has brought us a visually amazing flick that is a lot more light hearted version of this story where we fall in love with Petit’s dream even though it is crazy and also illegal.  We begin the flick with Gordon-Levitt speaking to us with a french accent that he does do through out the flick pretty well.  He is introducing us to how his dream over walking on the tight rope began.  

We see him working the streets with his Juggling, Magic, Acrobatics, and yes even his Tight Rope walking ability.  He does this all while behaving like a Clown which really annoys a fellow street performer Annie (Charlotte Le Bron), especially when he steals her crowd while she is playing a guitar and singing.  He smoothly talks her into a glass of wine and starts to share his passion for the art of Tight Rope walking and performing for the audience.  thewalk4

Petit gets his Twin Tower inspiration while visiting a dentist office he sees a picture of what the towers are going to look like.  With the help from Jean-Francois (Cesar Domboy) who is terrified of heights and Jean – Louis (Clement Simbony) who becomes Petit’s best a loyal friend.  Petit does have a mentor Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley) who teaches him the way of the tight rope.  

There are a lot of thrilling moments during this flick. Seeing the flick in 3D is almost a must, not only did I see it in 3D, but also in an IMAX theater.  The visual aspects of the flick takes you onto the buildings Petit walks across, you feel the height.  I am afraid of heights, and I will tell you there were a few moments in this flick is was a little nervous I would have to look away, but I didn’t.  thewalk1

I grade THE WALK a solid A -, go see the flick it is visually amazing, and the story will keep you on the edge of your seats.  

Brad Watts

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