Hotel Transylvania 2

The second movie staring Dracula, voiced by Adam Sandler, and all his monster friends has finally arrived. Picking up right where we left off with Dracula’s daughter Mavis, voiced by Selena Gomez, in love with a human Jonathan, voiced by Andy Samberg, from California. Back at the hotel all your favorite monsters are there including Frankenstein, voiced by Kevin James, and Wayne the Werewolf, voiced by Steve Buscemi, Griffin, the invisible man, voiced by David Spade, and Murray, voiced by Keegan Michael Key. 

When we are welcomed back to Hotel Transylvania Mavis is planning her wedding to her true love Jonathan. Dracula isn’t happy about the marriage but will do whatever he has to do to keep his little girl around. Since monsters are not apart of the every day world now Jonathan’s family comes Hotel Transylvania to be apart of the wedding as well. After there wedding is over every thing goes back at the hotel with Jonathan helping Dracula turn the hotel into a little more human friendly. After 1 year of living happily at the hotel Mavis and Jonathan have something very exciting to tell her dad, she’s expecting a baby! No one can be more excited about this than Dracula and he does every thing he can to make sure his new vampire grandchild has everything they need. hotel3

When baby Dennis is finally born Dracula can’t contain himself waiting for his half vampire grandson to get his vampire teeth. As the years go by Dennis continues to grow and still no teeth come down, leaving everyone to believe that he is just a human like his father. hotel2

Desperate to make sure his grandson turns into a vampire by his 5th birthday Dracula comes up with a plan with Jonathan to distract Mavis on a trip to California while Dennis stays home with is Vamp-pa. Mavis, determined to find a better home for Dennis because he is a human child, decides going to California to see Jonathan’s family is a great idea. So Mavis and Jonathan head off to see California and spend time with the rest of the human family. Mavis, having never left Transylvania, can’t believe all the amazing things, like slushies and potato chips are available to her in the human world. She’s having such a wonderful time enjoying all the human world things that she’s not even aware of what is going on back in Transylvania. hotel4

Dracula, along with Frankenstein, Wayne, Griffin, and Murray talk little Dennis out to show him what it’s truly like to be a monster. Dracula hopes that this will show him his inner vampire before he turns 5 years old. Visiting all the regular haunting places that Frankenstein and the guys attended. The only problem is not monsters are part of the human world and it’s no longer the same. It’s just not what it used to be, even the camp Dracula went to as a kid is now a hippy camp where everyone is a winner. It isn’t until the very end that you find out what little Dennis is going to be, a vampire or a human….. hotel5

I give this movie a B, it was a good movie and the kiddos really loved it. As always the parents are entertained as well. If you have a little free time this weekend with the kiddos be sure to check out this flick!

Tiffany Watts

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