THE INTERN – review

The Intern requires me to actually use the “C” word. Yes, it was cute. And funny, with a few touching moments and several sweet spots. The audience laughed in unison more than once, I almost found the laughter distracting. Robert De Niro does not disappoint as Ben Whittaker, a retired widower filling his empty days in a very unlikely position as an intern at an online fashion company. intern5
Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) is the young and very pretty founder and CEO of the insanely successful ecommerce start up. She’s so completely overworked she doesn’t remember approving the new senior intern program idea, barely making room for Ben. Eventually she finds him practically indispensable as the stress continues to build. intern3
There are lots of jokes about Ben’s age 70, he is a widower who is very bored and tired who came across a flier for the job.  He did need help from his nine year old grandson to help him with the video application.  He is not only hired, but as the title tells you is assigned to Jules as her Intern.  This movie is more than just about Ben becoming an Intern, it is also about the connection between the two of them and what they can learn from each other.  Jules is a workaholic that has hurt her family, her husband Matt (Anders Holm), and her daughter Paige (JoJo Kushner). intern2
De Niro is great as Ben, there is no trace of his iconic role in Goodfellas.  The roles are so different is is amazing how he plays both these roles.  We do see him show some of his Mob side with him warning Jules on Driving while Drunk.  Both De Niro and Hathaway save this flick Meyers did nothing great with this flick except letting them act together.  intern6
Almost everyone in the cast has something funny to share and the fun is fairly evenly distributed. Not just a chic flick, The Intern is cleverly written, sweet, fun and … well, cute.
Rating:  B

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