EVEREST -review

The breathtaking beauty of Everest, captured from so many angles, is skillfully enhanced by IMAX 3D imagery. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, the cinematography is stunning. You can almost feel the ice and snow stinging your face as you hear the wind ripping at the climbers. It’s evident that a lot of care and research went into choosing locations and filming outdoors to make it look so real. We can tell director Baltasar Bormakur not only researched the real story, but also put lots of passion into the character development.
We meet the climbers as they make their way to Kathmanu. Then we see a glimpse of the rigorous training required to attempt the climb. That was surprising. Obviously, no one can just go climb Everest without the skills and qualifications. Who knew? The snowy mountains are beautiful and the story holds your attention as it exposes the harsh personal aspect of the real tragedy. The enormous challenge was to simply survive against the insurmountable odds of safely climbing – and descending – Everest in spite of an unexpected and spectacularly devastating storm.
Maybe I’m easily entertained but I really liked this movie, always a sucker for a true story (even though I don’t remember all the details of the actual event when it occurred in 1996) it all works – the actors, the locations, the cold reality of that expedition. I caught myself repeatedly thinking ‘this really happened’. Although I couldn’t help picturing Agent K from Men In Black 3 just about every time Beck (Josh Brolin) spoke. The cast carefully and respectfully portrayed the climbers sharing a look into the harsh reality of battling the mountain. The last word belongs to the mountain.
Jan Hutchinson

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