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Hollywood has really been turning out the (Based on a true story) flicks the past couple of years.  Some are more believable than others.  Captive is based on a true story about a Hostage situation that involved Ashley Smith (Kate Mara) and the criminal Brian Nichols (David Oyelowo).This flick also evolves around a book written by Rick Warren. “The Purpose Driven Life”.  So how would the next Based on a True Story flick measure up?captive2

Ashley who is a single mother of a young daughter, is living alone in a new apartment.  Why alone, she is trying to get off her Meth addiction.  Her Aunt Kim Rogers (Mimi Rogers) has custody of the young girl, and brings her to visit Ashley.  Ashley is working a job, going to meetings where a sponsor gives her the copy of Rick Warrens best selling book The Purpose Driven Life.  Ashley throws the book away on her way out, and why not she has made bad choices, but feels alone and where no one not even God is there for her.  

Ashley does do some Meth, and then goes on a power cleaning and unpacking binge.  This whole time we are seeing Ashley go about her day, we are also seeing Brian Nichols getting ready to go on trial for rape.  While the officers are putting him in his holding cell Nichols escapes.  Yes he kill four people, I won’t say who or what they do I don’t want to spoil the flick too much.  captive3

What Ashley and Nichols don’t know is they are about to collide head on when he is in her apartment complex hiding from police in the middle of the night.  Ashley had gone out to her car to get a smoke and Nichols grabs her takes her into her apartment, and this is where the Hostage part of the flick begins.  

Nichols does tie Ashley up, but ends up untying her and starts to have some interesting conversations.  He wants to get high so she gives him some Meth (something he had never done before).  This is a really strong scene so I am not going to spoil it.  captive1

This is a really intense flick, not the best movie of the year, but is a fun thriller.  Oyelowo is the star of the flick.  He puts a human element into Nichols I was actually rooting for the killer.  I think without both Mara and Oyelowo this flick would not be good at all.  

I grade Captive a B-, go see it if you like thrillers.  

Brad Watts

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