We had one music genre flick this summer that has been a hit with Straight Outta Compton, so why not come out with a flick about a DJ raise in the California DJ Music scene.  This is more than just about the DJ Cole (Zac Efron).  He also has a crew of friends they are from what you would consider the wrong side of the tracks in San Fernando Valley.  Cole has talent with his tracks and beats, but his crew needs help getting out of the Valley as well.   They promote clubs, sell drugs, and most important have each others back.  friends5

It seems like a thin idea and plot for a whole movie, but Director Max Joseph puts a lot of great editing and camera shots to get the most he can out of the flick.  This with Efron playing his likable self and a very great and amazing performance by Wes Bentley we have another good music industry based flick.

Cole we learn could have gone to college and ran track, but instead he lives in his friend Masons Pool House.  We hear a little about Coles parents, but never learn what happened, or where they are.  Mason, Ollie (Shiloh Fernandez), and Squirrel (Alex Shaffer) are Cole’s crew.  They make ends meet by promoting a club where Cole gets to DJ for Free Drinks while he is trying to find his DJ style and also break into the scene.  Ollie makes a lot of money on the side dealing drugs in the club, and where ever else they go.  friends6

Cole meets a Legend of the DJ world James Reed (Wes Bentley), who has about everything an aspiring DJ world want, Money, nice House, an amazing studio and an amazing girlfriend Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski).  Cole ends up sharing a Joint we learn later was laced with PCP with James and a very strong Mentor/ friendship begins to grow.  James has a lot of issues and one is mistreating Sophie and drinking is another.  So while Cole and Sophie start out as friends as well there becomes an evident sexual tension between them.  friends3

All along Cole is also trying to hang onto his friendship with his crew and at the same time grow and become the DJ he wants to become and get away from the Valley.  We have all seen movies with this plot before, but the music and art direction Joseph puts in keeps your attention.  You are also rooting for Cole because Efron makes you love this kid.  friends1

Efron and Bentley both carry this flick.  Bentley is very Impressive playing an almost washed up former star that has everything people would want and mistreats most everyone.  This being said WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS is not close to Straight Outta Compton.  Yes, it is fun, but there is not as many people that are huge fans of the DJ music as there are Hip Hop/ Rap.

I grade WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS a C+.  While it is fun you don’t  have to see the flick in the theater.

Brad Watts

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