NO ESCAPE – review


I must tell you going into NO ESCAPE I wasn’t expecting much at all/  I hadn’t heard much about it, and I didn’t know if it was going to be a hit or a miss.  Yes, Owen Wilson was a great Action star in Behind Enemy Lines, but we haven’t seen him embrace a role like this for a long time.  escape3

To my surprise and enjoyment, No Escape was actually a really solid action flick.  Not only does it have enough action, but the thrilling aspect of this flick keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole movie.  escape4

Director John Erick Dowdle has made a very intense flick with some very extreme scenes.  The most extreme scene is when  Jack Dwyer (Wilson) is throwing his daughters off a roof to be caught by his Wife Annie Dwyer (Lake Bell)they are fleeing a group of rising protestors.  They have a friend that helps them named Hammond (Pierce Brosnan),  why are the protestors after foreigners?  I won’t give that away you need to see it when you see the flick I don’t want to take away from the tense and thrilling aspect of the flick.  We have some great action scenes with helicopters, boats, shootings you name it this flick has it.  escape5

Brosnan plays a great hero, anti hero.  I don’t want to give anything away on why Brosnan is in the same hotel in the same asian country as the Dwyer’s.  Brosnan is great while he is in the flick, the only problem I wish we could have seen him more.


This is an overall fun flick, I grade the flick a B.  I would love to see more flicks with Wilson being an action hero he plays it well.  The main problem I had with the flick is the rioters, are sort of like zombies.  They are mindless, moves are chaotic, and are very violent. I wish they would have given them more organization throughout the flick.

Brad Watts

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