Growing up in the 80’s and being in middle school in the late 80’s then high school in the early 90’s you almost had to like or like me love R&B and Hip Hop. One of the groups that really stood out was N.W.A. N.W.A was the pioneer of gangster rap, doing rhymes about what was going on in their communities. F. Gary Gray is the one who directs this 2 and a half hour amazing flick about the people who made N.W.A the beginning of true message music.soc2

The members of the group N.W.A mostly came from Compton California and were targeted in their own neighborhoods by the police. Living in St. Louis this Flick really hits home with Ferguson and some of the other events that have been happening around the States. This being said, it was worse on them in the early to late 80’s where they would get stopped and searched just because of the color of their skin or the way they wore their cloths. Now, one of the members Eazy-E (Jason Mitchell) was a drug dealer, but after being caught he is thinking of a career change. He needed some way to make money that wasn’t as dangerous and also wasn’t going to get him put in jail for along time.soc4

Andre “Dr. Dre” Young (Corey Hawkins) is busy trying to make a living for himself and his daughter and baby’s mother by being one of the best DJ’s in L.A. He really can spin a record and knew how to mix the tunes to make a beat that everyone could dance or rap to. His good friend O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson (O’Shea Jackson Jr.) comes to him with some great rhymes and they start doing their thing at local clubs. The Raps describe their life in and out of high school in the Compton area and really hits home with the area’s residential young adults.soc5

Dre comes up with an idea to get Eazy-E involved in creating a record label and putting some of their stuff down on vinyl. Great scene where things happen and Eazy-E has to take to the Mic in the booth himself. This is the start of the song Boyz-N-the Hood. They add some more of their friends on the Ruthless label DJ Yella (Neil Brown Jr.) and MC Ren (Aldis Hodge). Both make up part of this groups music and history.

With Ice Cube writing most of the songs, and Dre coming up with the tracks to rap them too They start something that keeps rolling down hill when Easy-E meets Jerry Heller (Paul Giamatti). This is where the group N.W.A begins and ends all in this very moment. There is an incident that makes Cube really really pissed at the police so he writes Fuck tha Police. This is a hit and the N.W.A tour begins.soc6

We see a lot of their tour stops throughout the U.S. There is one thing that starts being a recurring event. That is Cube asking Eazy and Heller where his contract and money was. When he finally gets a chance to sign a contract he isn’t happy with the terms and leaves the group. Like I said Heller would be the beginning and the end for the N.W.A group. We all know Cube goes on and makes a name for himself not only as a solo artist, but also a movie writer and actor.

I loved the first half of the flick way more than the second. We see the fall of Eazy, his death, the beginning of Death Row Records. Snoop Dog, Tupac, and Dre make some great tracks together. The flick flows really well and being 2 ½ hours you don’t know you have been there that long. I really enjoyed the flash back to the late 80’s and early 90’s.

All the actors were great, they had the rappers attitude and vocal-isms down to a T. At one point I really though Tupac was alive. I grade Straight Outta Compton an A-! I hear there is a 3 ½ hour directors cut I can’t wait to see that version on Bluray.

Brad Watts

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