Fantastic Four

The last time we had a Fantastic Four flick it was with the 2007 Rise of the Silver Surfer. This was not a great flick and I love the silver surfer comics, but Marvel just didn’t get it right with the sSony studio, so they decided to reboot the Fantastic Four series to try and get more play out of the characters Sony Owns. The question is does this work?ff2

We meet the characters in this flick at a much younger age. Actually we see Reed (Miles Teller) in grade school along with his friend Ben (Jamie Bell) making a transporter. We jump ahead to high school and Sue (Kate Mara) comes and after a series of events Reed goes to school at the Baxter Foundation. This is a mysterious school where the kids are building a large form of the Transporter Reed built able to transport organic life to another dimensionĀ or planet and back.ff3

With the help from Sue, her brother Johnny (Micheal B. Jordan) and Victor (Toby Kebbell), they finish this job. Little do they know that the government wants to take over the project after they are finished, and this doesn’t settle well with Victor, Johnny, and Reed, who with the help of Ben transport themselves. Of course, something tragic happens, and they are all transformed into their super selves.ff4

Ben is mad at Reed because Reed takes off to try and figure away to fix the situation he has gotten them into, the one problem is that Victor has been lost. If you are a comic reader and know the Fantastic Four you know that Victor is going to end up being Dr. Doom, but how in this story will surprise you. The only problem is we don’t see a lot of him and I liked Toby before he is tranformed into Dr. Doom, but don’t get to enjoy him much as a Villain.ff5

I think in this flick Director Josh Trank wastes the talent of Jordan, Teller, Mara, and Bell. I wouldn’t say the flick is a boring flick, but it is not an action packed comic flick either. I think too much of the movie is spent in the backstory, and not enough on the final fight. I grade Fantastic Four a D +. Wait until it comes out of dvd or don’t you aren’t missing much with this version, I wish they would have given these actors more to work with .



Brad Watts


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