Before the movie was to begin, a fitting tribute was given to the ultimate movie fan in St. Louis, the extremely talented Post Dispatch film critic Joe Williams who tragically on Sunday (July 26, 2015) was killed in a one-vehicle accident in Jefferson County.  Ironically on his way to Starlite Drive-In in Cadet MO to catch a movie. He was 56.mi3
Not as action packed as Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocal.  Rogue Nation certainly didn’t lack for its high speed chases and exotic places.  The film opens with what we’ve all seen in the trailer and on the posters, Ethan (Tom Cruise) hanging from the door of an aircraft as it takes off. That pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the film.  The sequence to Ghost Protocal right away gets down to business by sending Ethan and his teammates out of commission and into conflict with the organization known as the Syndicate, which has been setting off massive violence, unrest and catastrophe across the world.  Ethan’s mission, which he of course he accepts (with force), is to take down this terrorist group.  This requires him to partner up with Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), a skilled bad-ass British intelligence agent who has succeeded in infiltrating the trust of the Syndicate.mi4
Ilsa is friend or foe, with her and Ethan crossing paths a few times during the movie.  From the few well-positioned snipers at the Vienna State Opera, to Ethans near deadly swim into a highly pressurized underwater cavern.  The movie doesn’t lack for suspense.  Benji (Simon Pegg), Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) and William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) provided some good humor and laughter at several points during the film.  All in all Rogue Nation provided enough action and glitz, and despite lacking real substance is worth the ticket.mi4
I grade this film a B.  The action is there, but not a great plot.  I is a fun film and worth the price of admission, but by far not the best Mission Impossible.
Lance Roshel

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