SOUTHPAW – review


Director Antoine Fuqua who brought as Training Day and Olympus Has Fallen along with writer Kurt Sutter who brought us Son’s of Anarchy.  I was hoping for a New Age Boxing flick that we all would feel like it Knock Us OUT.  south3

We have Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) who is married to Maureen (Rachel McAdams), both coming from the foster care systems of New York both who have fought for everything they have.  Billy figuratively and Mentally.  We first see the Tattooed light middle weight boxer in a big match defending his Title.  He has won 43 fights, but doesn’t defend himself, but always comes out on top.  south2

The problem is when you are so high-up and undefeated, sooner or later you are going to loose.  Unfortunately for Hope he looses and looses in a big way.  Everyone turns their back on him including his agent Jordan Mains (50 Cent).  He is also fighting the system to get his daughter Leila (Oona Laurence) out of the same foster care system he grew up in.  This is where he starts to turn his life around and reaches out to Tick Wills (Forrest Whitaker).  south4

Wills not only owns a gym, but also trains fighters from the community.  He ends up helping Billy get back on his feet, and also learn how to fight with defense.  There aren’t too many fight scenes, but when there are they are well done.  Laurence does a great job playing a young girl who is struggling with lots of emotions.  south6

Yes, we have one major fight to end the flick, but this story won’t win any Awards.  This is no Rocky or The Fighter.  Gyllenhaal is great he shows us how Night Crawler was not an accident.  I grade South Paw a B.  It is still a good flick just not as good as it could have been.  They just tried too hard and I think got caught up in the ropes.

Brad Watts

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