PIXELS – review


Adam Sandler has let us down over and over again, I was hoping that PIXELS would change that.  Director Chris Columbus brings more to the hope it would turn Sandler’s bad movie streak around.  pix2

1982 is the year we begin this flick.  With young Sam and his friends playing in the first ever video game championship that is taped and sent into space be NASA to send a message to Alien life forms about our culture and society.  pix3

We then jump to our day where Sam (Sandler) has brown up and is the equivalent of a geek squad member.  His friend Will (Kevin James) is probably the most unrealistic President of the United State.  Ludlow (Josh Gad)is a grown man still living with his Grandma, and is a genius that is also a conspiracy theorist.  Eddie (Peter Dinklage) is over confident video game champion.  We also have Violet (Michelle Monaghan) who is a Lt. Colonel.  pix5

They all must come together to help battle the Alien race who are fighting the United States by taking form of the 1982 Video Games.  I Loved seeing these games come to life on the big screen.  From Q*bert to PacMan, and all the other games we children of the 80’s grew up with.  pix4

The story and plot was o.k. it wasn’t too over the top, and was also fun.  Sandler wasn’t great though, I don’t think he worked to hard cultivating his character.  Gad was by far the star of the flick.  He was funny and had some great lines.  Dinklage was also very entertain, and doesn’t let us down.  pix6

I grade PIXELS a solid B.  I think it is somewhat a new age Ghost Busters.  It even has the feel and look all characters wear uniforms and use scientific guns.  We don’t have Ghosts, but we do have video game characters.  If you aren’t a 80’s fan you might not like this flick, but if you are you will enjoy it.

Brad Watts

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