SOUTHPAW – Contest

SOUTHPAW  Screening Contest.

For your chance to win a pass good for two comment below on what your favorite boxing movie is and why. 

Winners will be chosen at random.



SOUTHPAW opens Friday, July 24th!

SOUTHPAW is Rated R for language throughout, and some violence




79 Responses to “SOUTHPAW – Contest”

  1. Mary says:

    Million Dollar Baby-
    1. Morgan Freeman
    2. Clint Eastwood

  2. Rachel says:

    Million Dollar Baby, because of Clint!

  3. Vijay says:

    I love Rocky, I always feel inspired watching it. Whenever the situations make me feel down, Rocky is my recovery medicine. Love it!

  4. Jess White says:

    The Rocky movies are my favorite boxing movies. Why? It’s Rocky!!! ADRIANNNNNNNN!!!

  5. Deonta says:

    Rocky 4 because that was one of the best ones made. Love that movie. There are others but that is one of my top ones

  6. Tayler B says:

    Ali is my favorite because I love will smith!!

  7. Sue says:

    million dollar baby
    Because girls rule.

  8. Sue says:

    Root for the underdog.

  9. Joseph H. says:

    The Great a whit Hype. While the movie has little to do with actual boxing and is more a farce on the joke the sport has become, where money is the driving force instead of a warriors pride or dream of being e best. All things like determination and hard work go right out the window so long as you have a great spin. Let’s hope it doesn’t spread to MMA

  10. Rudy Douglas says:

    I would have to say Gladiator starring Cuba Gooding jr is my favorite boxing movie. Reason why because its an underrated gem that explores the underground world of professional street boxing. It was well done, and I really enjoyed it! This movie may be among one of the highest quality unknown films that I have come across.

  11. Aaron Dias says:

    Rocky. Not only a great boxing movie, but one of the greatest films of all time. There’s so much heart, and it’s timeless.

  12. chrissy sommer says:

    Real steal … ok maybe not an award winner but it has a good story about a father and son . and who doesn’t like something that is like giant rockem sockem robots

  13. Sharon Young says:

    Million Dollar Baby because it was a Cinderella action, love story!

  14. Nick H says:

    Gotta go with The Fighter, and Rocky. One for the story, and one for the nostalgia.

  15. Brittny says:

    Real Steal all the way. Exciting, emotional, and everything that makes movies great.

  16. Helen R says:

    Million Dollar Baby. Intense & inspirational as she doesn’t give up, but perseveres. Then breaks my heart.

  17. Bobbie says:

    Rocky, Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, best movie.

  18. lonnie says:

    Rocky 3. The last scene when Rocky and Apollo fight as friends is classic.

  19. Rebecca Holmes says:

    Million Dollar baby because of girl power

  20. Million dollar bab. Woman boxer yes we can do that to

  21. Shelley says:

    Rocky. It was inspiring!

  22. Yolanda says:

    is a true story about a younger brother trying to live up to his brother’s short comings because of a drug addiction

    • Yolanda says:

      The Fighter because I love to watch movies that Mark Wahlberg is a part of and also because it is a true story about a younger brother trying to live up to his brother’s short comings of becoming a champion because of a drug addiction

  23. Barbara Hack says:

    Rocky- its a classic

  24. Rachelle says:

    My favorite boxing movie, is Million Dollar Baby, a female boxer story is inspiring and Clint told and aspiring story!!

  25. Barbara says:

    My favorite boxing movie is the original Rocky because you it keeps you wondering if he’s actually going to win and if the old man is going to die before the movie ends.

  26. Rebecca says:

    Fight Club – like to see Brad Pitt back at his roots

  27. Ching says:

    Rocky – classic movie that has been re-enacted time over time due to its legendary message

  28. Diane V says:


  29. Mallory says:

    Rocky of course! Why because it’s a classic and inspirational!

  30. Valerie McDaniel says:

    I love all the Rocky movies, Stallone played a really good part in those movies

  31. Barb says:

    Real Steel – different kind of boxing movie with Hugh Jackman who portrays a boxer

  32. Keya T. says:

    Has to be ROCKY

  33. La Toya J says:

    My favorite boxing movie is Rocky. This movie always makes me cry!

  34. Donna says:

    The Fighter. Love Mark Wahlberg.

  35. Ruqi says:

    Million Dollar Baby, very intense

  36. Donna says:

    Million Dollar Baby; Clint Eastwood’s movies are just good, that’s all.

  37. Will says:

    Rocky, all of them. Because I was to be a boxer

  38. Angela says:

    Cindarella man.

    It’s very similar to what my family went through boxing during that timeframe. Trying to raise a family and break out into something you love.

  39. Juanita says:

    Rocky – very good acting

  40. Million Dollar Baby

  41. Rich S says:

    I like Rocky, because the movie was so inspirational.

  42. Eric Driskel says:

    Rocky IV is my all time favorite boxing movie. It’s the USA vs USSR during the Cold War time. We are the underdog and find a way to win. Great movie!!

  43. Kellie says:

    Million dollar baby because it shows a woman can box too.

  44. Leslie Kiley says:

    Any of the rocky movies because I like Sly and i
    they told a great story

  45. Amanda says:

    Million Dollar Baby. Go girl power!

  46. grace sit says:

    love boxing

  47. Tamara Matyiko says:

    Raging Bull. DeNiro was so good in it. Great movie!

  48. Josh Wilken says:

    Raging Bull. De Niro and and Greatest director of all time Martin Scorsese. Such a great script and so rewatchable!

  49. grace sit says:


  50. Ashley Miller says:

    Million Dollar Baby

    Because it has Morgan Freeman & Hillary Swank in it

    I love Them!!!

  51. Diana Spencer says:

    Rocky Balboa.. Because even though he lost everything he still has heart…

  52. GeneO says:

    Rocky, Because to come from where he was and to achieve what he did was awsome

  53. Dylan Shaffer says:

    Rocky Balboa. I silently weep through that whole movie.

  54. Evan says:

    Rocky, it’s the definition of what a boxing movie should be!

  55. Rachel S. says:

    The Hurricane – the strength and resilience of an innocent man having to prove innocence. while still able to still be himself even in prison. it is a very moving movie.

  56. jan tippit says:

    ROCKY !!!!!!,,

  57. Jenice says:

    Million Dollar Baby

  58. felicia spencer says:

    rocky because of Sylvester Stallone.

  59. Eric says:

    Rocky 3-awesome because it has Mr. T

  60. Shannon says:

    Million Dollar Baby-Great movie!

  61. Mary T says:

    Million Dollar Baby…Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman

  62. Aleks says:

    My favorite boxing movie is Rocky. It’s Rocky’s never quit attitude that inspires me. Also, the movie is a classic!

  63. Jason says:

    Raging bull, love De Niro!

  64. Jacqueline Gipson says:

    Ali was my favorite movie because I like Ali and I didn’t think Will Smith would pull it off as well as he did.

  65. Deborah Davis says:

    I LOVE all the ROCKY movies! He is such the underdog and he thrives in each film. LLLLOOVE HIM!

  66. KathyDavis says:

    Who could forget ROCKY!!! I just love all of them!!! Such a great story of low man on totem pole and he WINS! and the crowd roars ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY!

  67. Jessica says:

    Ali string man through all he went through and still conquered it all

  68. carol n says:

    Rocky..I remember seeing it at the theater many many years ago!

  69. Tawana Lawson says:

    Ali. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

  70. Robert says:

    Raging Bull, best film ever made about masculinity.

  71. Donna says:

    Fight Club because Mark Wahlberg was in it.

  72. Loretta says:

    Diggstown, what a triumphant movie

  73. Robin says:

    The original ROCKY movie is my favorite because it was the first boxing movie I saw at the theater and I loved it. It made me want to see all the boxing movies that followed.

  74. Peggy says:

    Everyone says ROcky but i loved a movie a few years ago called th Fighter, with Christian Bale, it was great

  75. Diana Spencer says:

    Rocky Balboa.. Well actually ALL Rocky movies ROCK…

  76. Chris Miller says:

    Rocky the original boxing movie. Because its awesome.

  77. Corey says:

    Million Dollar baby, good story

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