MR. HOLMES – review


Director Bill Condon takes us to 1947 where the great detective Sherlock Holmes is in his 90’s and we can tell he is aging.  He has been plagued by all the books that Dr. Watson wrote about him everyone expects the hat and pipe, but Mr. Holmes (Ian McKellen) is more down to earth and dresses the part for the time.


With his age is coming memory loss, probably a form of Alzheimer’s Disease, that he and some doctors close to him and far away are trying to find cures for.  He does have flash backs when he sees an object that reminds him of a case or too.  One of my favorite parts of the flick is when he goes and sees a Sherlock Holmes movie where he remembers the case completely different and it is the one case his last case he doesn’t remember how it was solved.


His housekeeper is Mrs. Munro (Laura Linney)who has a son, Roger (Milo Parker).  Mr. Holmes doesn’t know what to think of Roger until he figures out that Roger had gone into his study and read some of his writings on the last case he was still trying to remember.  Roger also learns about one of Mr. Holmes hobbies, Bees.   He ends up becoming sort of a grandson for Holmes a man that has always kept people away.


The main case in this flick centers around Ann Kelmot (Hattie Morahan) and her husband.  We see signs of the case throughout the flick.  Will Mr. Holmes figure out his final case ended?  I won’t go into that in the review, I will tell you this flick is very enjoyable.  The most enjoyable part of the flick is that Holmes is not really solving a case but mainly his own memory and his loneliness.


Linney is great, Milo Parker holds to his own and isn’t intimidated acting next to Linney or McKellen.  I will say I hope there is another Holes in McKellen’s future.  He does Sherlock Holmes Character like no other can.

I grade Mr. Holmes a B+ go see it this weekend while it is hot and humid out go and relax with a great Holmes flick.

Brad Watts

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