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We have all wondered when one of the original Avengers would make it to the big screen.  Ant-Man Henry Plum (Michael Douglas) has been in comics forever and he is just now coming into the Marvel Movie Universe.  One reason it has taken so long is because Edgar Wright had been in development with the project for years, but he an Marvel had different Ideas on which way the flick should go to fit the Marvel Universe and Wright ended up leaving the project.  ant3

Peyton Reed took over when Wright left, and Paul Rudd stayed on to take on the small hero.  The one thing we all love Paul Rudd for is his over the top charisma. I think part of my problem with the flick is that Reed or Marvel took too much of Paul Rudd’s charisma away.  Think how different Guardians of the Galaxy would be without the charisma of Chris Pratt. It would have been a totally different flick.  This being said I enjoyed the flick just not as much as I would have with Rudd’s over the top Charisma shinning throughout the flick.  ant5

Scott Long (Rudd) is an ex convict who has his masters degree in electrical engineering and went to ail because he gave money back to people who were stolen from.  His daughter Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson) is kept from him because his ex and her new husband want him to pay child support which is hard for him to do when no one will hire an ex-con .  Even Baskin Robbins don’t play when they find out he is a ex-con which is a very funny line and part.  ant6

While we are learning of Scott’s past we meet Darren Cross(Corey Stroll) who wants to impress his mentor Henry Pym.  Pym was a scientist who made a particle the Pym Particle that would shrink him in a special designed suit.  He had since hung up the suit and kept the particle a secret because of what happened to his wife.  (you will have to see the flick to see what happened).


Cross has found the secret and created his own formula and is about to sell it to a company that will use it for evil.  Hope (Evangeline Lilly) Pym’s daughter has gotten close to Cross and wants to help her father take him down and also get rid of the particle.  Pym has a plan to get Scott to become the new Ant-Man and help them get into Pym Technology to destroy Cross’s new suite The Hornet and his formula.

There are some great scenes where Scott is learning how to use the suit and also control the ants which become his partners.  The final fight scene isn’t long enough I wish it was a bit longer.  Some great funny parts where Ant-Man and Hornet are fighting on a small train set but it looks like a large train to them.

I think Rudd makes this flick.  Even though they put a muzzle on his charisma he still shines through.  If Reed would have let Rudd use more of his personality I think this would have been a much better flick.  There are two Credit scenes I won’t go into detail but stay and watch both.  All in all I grade Ant-Man a B.  I wish Rudd could have been Bigger Pun intended.  I am curious to see what Wright would have done with the cast.

Brad Watts

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