MAX – Screening Contest

MAX Screening Contest.

For your chance to win a pass good for two, comment below on what your favorite dog movie is and why. 

Winners will be chosen at random.



MAX Opens JUNE 26th.

 MAX is Rated PG for action violence, peril, brief language and some thematic elements.

136 Responses to “MAX – Screening Contest”

  1. Harry says:

    Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)
    Its a weepy and wonderful film about the bond that develops between one man and a dog after a chance meeting at a train station. The film generally adheres to the actual true story of a dog in Japan. The dog became a national treasure and a monument was erected to honor him. My favorite!

  2. Lora Smurphat says:

    Marley and Me (2008)
    Loved that Marley helped bring out the best in his owners thru thick and thin. It also truly portrayed the challenges and rewards of raising a large breed puppy….lol.

  3. chrissy sommer says:

    Eight Below … because it shows triumph through adversity

  4. Leslie Kiley says:

    I love the movie homeward bound! The companionship of those animals and the love for their owners is so great!

  5. Valerie McDaniel says:

    I liked Marley and me, with all the things Marley got into they never gave up on him.

  6. Brian Gates says:

    Where the Red Fern Grows

    It shows the true relationship man and his dog(s) can have. The end of that always got to me more than even old yeller/marley and me

  7. Brandon Krzysztof says:

    It has to be See Spot Run!
    Going through middle school, that was one of the few movies that was approved for us to watch. It isn’t the best movie and David Arquette is a goof, but that dog was awesome and had a sweet surrounding cast including the late Michael Clarke Duncan. It is a fun watch for folk of all ages!

  8. cary eskew says:

    Benji..warm fuzzies all around

  9. cary eskew says:

    Benji..warm fuzzies

  10. Angela says:

    So many to choose from but probably “lady and the tramp”. It’s a classic and everyone’s seen it and can reference the movie. All the different characters and their role.

  11. Dee morgan says:

    Eight Below … because it shows many different Emotions. Just a great movie .

  12. Magdalena Stout says:

    HACHI!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  13. jan tippit says:

    Marly &me..cried while smiling

  14. jan tippit says:

    Although Cujo was also a good movie

  15. jan tippit says:

    For a animates movie. Bolt was a hood movie too

  16. julia schopp says:

    Marley and me. I could totally relate to the movie.

  17. ANNE says:

    I loved EIGHT BELOW. it’s a true story and it’s filled with drama.

  18. Lauren says:

    Marley and Me! This movie reminded me so much of the relationship I had with my very first dog and showcases how dogs are more than just pets, they’re companions and help us through some of our trials of life. Plus of course I cried my eyes out and who doesn’t love a good movie that makes you cry!?

  19. Donna says:

    Cujo. Love Stephen King’s books and movies.

  20. Will w says:

    Eight below

  21. Shelley says:

    Hachi–It’s a story of true devotion. It makes you smile and cry.

  22. Rebecca Holmes says:

    Benji! Who doesn’t love that face 🙂

  23. Eric Driskel says:

    My favorite dog movie is Old Yeller. Every time I would go visit my aunt and uncle we would rent Old Yeller and watch it together. One of my favorite childhood memories!

  24. Joseph H says:

    Homeward Bound. It’s sad, it’s funny, and it shows the length any dog (or family) would go to be together. Plus Chance looks just like my dog.

  25. Rhonda s. says:

    Turner & Hooch
    Because, Tom Hanks used to be hilarious!

  26. Mabel says:

    Lady and The Tramp was just a great Disney movie

  27. Joe says:

    Lassie I grew up watching it so it is special to me plus Lassie was a great dog.

  28. Joe Jackson says:

    Hachi because it was a true story and a tearjerker

  29. Jeannie says:

    Marley and Me because Marley reminded me of my dog Courtney.

  30. Bradley says:

    Bolt a fun movie to watch about a fictional dog in a sci- fi movie who believes his powers are real

  31. Andy says:

    Beji because he had been rescued from a animal shelter and his real name was Higgens

  32. jan tippit says:

    This looks so sweet

  33. Cathy Lyn says:

    THE ADVENTURES OF MILO and OTIS a great tale of a young cat and dog who get separated and each goes a risky and dangerous course

  34. Rich S says:

    Old Yeller is a movie classic about a boy’s love for his dog.

  35. Tim Miller says:

    My Dog Skip – I can watch that movie over and over. There is something about the connection between the boy and dog that gets me every time!

  36. Roni says:

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was cute and funny

  37. Aaron Dias says:

    Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Voice acting was great. Heartwarming story. I still use “Shadow’s” voice when speaking on behalf of my dog. 🙂

  38. Anga says:

    Marley and me i love dogs

  39. Sharon Young says:

    Marley and Me is at the top of the list, it was such an emotional movie. Having 2 dogs they are part of the family for sure!

  40. ]Marion Thompson says:

    Lady and the Tramp

  41. ]Marion Thompson says:

    Love everything fun – Lady and the Tramp

  42. Jarvis Brown says:

    Homeward Bound has to be the best dog movie ever! It introduced me to my favorite breed, American Bulldog, and it had talking animals. What’s better than two dogs and a car traveling across the country to find the owner. If I lost my dog, I would hope she could get some inspiration from the movie lol.

  43. Jessica says:

    Air bud! always great to watch with my kids they love it! dogs are a kids bestfriend!

  44. kathy says:

    Benji—so heartwarming

  45. Liz says:

    Marley and me, such a cute movie and touches your heart

  46. Elisabeth J says:

    Eight below, such a sweet movie and inspiring

  47. Mary T says:

    Marley and Me. It was very moving.

  48. Carrie says:

    Marley and Me was very good.

  49. Marvin Witherspoon says:

    My dog skip,

    This was the first movie I ever cried on. I had a boxer at the time that had just passed of old age and skip reminded me of her. Frankie Munez did an ok job but the dog really owned that movie!

  50. Amina Abdul-Malik says:

    All dogs go to heaven,

    You can’t go wrong with this classic! If all dogs don’t go to heaven I don’t know if I would want to either.

  51. Kelli says:

    Air Bud! Such a talented dog! Lol

  52. Carol says:

    My Dog Skip – I did cry at the end though but it was a good overall journey through life.

  53. Carol Ann says:

    Hotel for Dogs – it was so cute!

  54. Tim says:

    Snow Dogs – just a wonderful movie

  55. Cari says:

    Beethoven! He’s huge but he’s soo cute and loyal!!

  56. Jodi says:

    Beethoven. He’ll stand by you!

  57. Matt says:

    Lassie. He’s a classic! He’ll save your life! lol

  58. Lucia says:

    Beethoven, my English teacher played it in class. It was the first dog movie I ever watched and I enjoyed it a lot.

  59. Rosalie says:

    Hachi the loyalty and devotion to his owner was so touching, it even surpass the relationship for some between humans.

  60. Edna Kelly says:

    Old Yeller is my all time favorite because he was so courageous.

  61. Rita says:

    Cats & Dogs and See Spot run. They were funny and shows the relationship between people and dogs

  62. Rebecca says:

    Marley & Me – Could not help crying tears of laughter and bittersweetness from this movie. The dog was so cute!

  63. Sarthak Sinha says:

    UP-the movie was just amazing and the dog had infinitely made the plot better

  64. Sarthak Sinha says:

    UP-the movie was just amazing and the dog in it made it much better

  65. Donna says:

    Rin Tin Tin. He always saved the day.

  66. jan tippit says:

    ohhh… i forgot Eight Below. Very good.

  67. Debra Trotto says:

    Richard Gere in a wonderful dog movie – Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.
    Who doesn’t just love a feel good movie about a man and his dog.

  68. Preston says:

    Homeward Bound! The companionship the animals shared and the love between them and their owners was amazing.

  69. Mallory says:

    Turner and Hooch. Love the relationship between Tom Hanks and Hooch, however they go from tolerating each other to becoming a family.

  70. Ann says:

    Turner and Hooch. It is funny movie, Turner is neatnik cop,
    and Hooch is French Mastiff, sloppiest, wrinkled head, ill-mannered junk yard dog.

  71. Tim says:

    Snow Dogs. A real feel good movie that made you just feel good.

  72. Carol says:

    My Dog Skip. Loved when he went to the butcher and got bologna. Too cute.

  73. Carol Ann says:

    Marley and Me. He was such a pistol and so cute. I did cry my eyes out though at the end.

  74. Tim says:

    Snow Dogs. Loved it.

  75. pam melton says:


  76. Shannon T says:

    Lassie. I grew up watching it, great movie.

  77. Tim says:

    Snow Dogs. liked the way the dogs interacted with the Cuba Gooding in the movie.

  78. Carol says:

    My Dog Skip. Such a cute little dog.

  79. Carol Ann says:

    Marley and Me. Great movie but real tear jerker.

  80. Amy marcallini says:

    Beethoven, I love big big dogs!

  81. Christy Miller says:

    Marley and Me – A great movie about how a dog can impact a family.

  82. Tom K says:

    Lassie, I grew up watching that show.

  83. Pat says:

    Lassie I love collies

  84. Pat says:

    Lassie cutest dog

  85. Pat says:

    I grew up with Lassie on TV

  86. Edna Kelly says:

    I love Old Yeller he is courageous and loyal.

  87. Donna says:

    Lady and the Tramp – a classic.

  88. Kathryn Martin says:

    All Dogs go to Heaven. I loved watching that movie with my mom and little sister when I was little.

  89. Carol Ann says:

    marley and me

  90. Carol says:

    My Dog Skip

  91. Tim says:

    Homeward Bound

  92. Barbara says:

    Lady & The Tramp… I loved the music, the animation, the dogs. It’s a movie I could watch over and over.

  93. April says:

    Turner & Hooch. Who doesn’t love a major drool slobber kiss???

  94. Donna says:

    Lady and the Tramp – great Disney movie.

  95. angela says:

    Marly &me..cried while smiling

  96. joel says:

    Marly &me..cried while smiling

  97. alicia says:

    Marly &me..cried while smiling

  98. raul says:

    Marly &me..cried while smiling

  99. arturo says:

    Marly &me..cried while smiling

  100. octavio says:

    Marly &me..cried while smiling

  101. angel says:

    Marly &me..cried while smiling

  102. axel says:

    Marly &me..cried while smiling

  103. christian says:

    Marly &me..cried while smiling

  104. toni says:

    Marly &me..cried while smiling

  105. Tim says:

    Homeward Bound. The way they all interacted.

  106. Carol Ann says:

    Marley & Me. He was such a cutie.

  107. Carol says:

    My Dog Skip. It was neat watching Skip grow up but sad as he got older.

  108. Rita says:

    Lassie. He was loyal to family

  109. Roni says:

    Marley and me.. funny and touching story

  110. Carol says:

    My Dog Skip. Heartwarming movie.

  111. Carol Ann says:

    Marley & Me. So cute.

  112. Tim says:

    Homeward Bound. Just fun to watch.

  113. Tim says:

    Homeward Bound. Makes you feel good just watching it.

  114. Carol says:

    My Dog Skip. How can you not love this movie.

  115. Carol Ann says:

    Marley & Me. Great movie but the ending is a real tear jerker.

  116. Frank says:

    The Longest Journey……just watching animal movies!

  117. Carol Ann says:

    Marley & Me. What a pistol he was.

  118. Carol says:

    My Dog Skip. What a cute dog.

  119. Tim says:

    Homeward Bound. What drive and stamina these four legged babies had.

  120. Nancy G says:

    Trying to enter for Magic Mike there is no leave a reply, do not know how to enter, I tried posting. I used to go to the strip clubs in Illinois , plus I worked in bars, love this stuff. thanks in the good old days. Then became a bookkeeper.

  121. Rachel S. says:

    Disney’s The Ugly Dachshund – It is cute and funny and even though it is older it is still relatable for people that own Dachshund or Great Danes.

  122. Carol says:

    My Dog Skip. He was just precious.

  123. Carol Ann says:

    Marley in Marley & Me. Quite a tear jerker but he was so cute.

  124. Tim says:

    Homeward Bound. I liked that there was an old wise dog and a young pup and they worked together to get home along with the cat of course.

  125. Carol says:

    My Dog Skip. He was just so precious.

  126. Carol Ann says:

    Marley & Me. What a little pistol he was when he was a puppy.

  127. Tim says:

    Homeward Bound. Amazing how they traveled the way they did and made it home.

  128. Tim F. says:

    Turner & Hooch
    Just a great movie

  129. Renee says:

    101 Dalmations
    All the puppies 🙂

  130. Tim says:

    Marley & Me, even though it ends sad, it was a very good movie.

  131. Tim F says:

    Turner & Hooch! Just a great movie

  132. Ashley F. says:

    Eight below! I love the actors and the dogs are too cute.

  133. Ashley Renee says:

    101 Dalmations!! All the puppies 🙂

  134. laura petty says:


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