BLACKHAT – Screening Contest

BLACKHAT Screening Contest.

For your chance to win a pass good for two, comment below who or what you would Hack if you could and why.

Winners will be chosen at random.



BLACKHAT Opens January 16th.

RATING: BLACKHAT has been rated R (Restricted – Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian) for violence and some language.



117 Responses to “BLACKHAT – Screening Contest”

  1. Roy Behymer says:

    I think I would hack Publisher’s Clearinghouse in order to be chosen for $5000 a week for life.

  2. Christine says:

    I would hack into anything that would make me money…to make money obviously 🙂

  3. Angela says:

    I don’t think I have a reason to hack into anything.

  4. Lonnie says:

    I’d like to remove a couple speeding tickets off my record, so…

  5. Brian Gates says:

    I dont have a need to hack anything, but if I have to choose something, it would be a college grant program so I could get money to go back to school.

  6. carol says:

    Wouldn’t know how to hack into anything.

  7. Mary says:

    I would hack into the government and get the dirt on Area 51!

  8. Mallory says:

    Wiki leaks to shut them down

  9. Eddie B says:

    I would love to hack into school server to clean up some grades. Something like Wargames 2.0 without the War. Shall we see Blackhat…..

  10. Estelle S says:

    I would like to hack into Victoria Secrets and score some free coupons since I buy way too much stuff there. !!!

  11. Dee morgan says:

    I would hack into Warren Buffets stock account and purchase what he buys and sells.

  12. Terri Nelson says:

    If I lived that type of life I would Hackman to bank systems so I can take everyone money…lol

  13. Mary Ganser says:

    I can’t think of anything that I would hack into

  14. Francis McDonald says:

    I would hack into programs in order to be able to download them as I wish, but that is if I believed in that sort of thing.

  15. Lynn says:

    If I could hack into something I would hack in to my charges and delete them.

  16. ROGER says:


  17. Tom says:

    i would hack in to the hospital and delete my medical bills..

  18. Donna says:

    I’d hack into a person’s computer that I didn’t like, just to keep tabs on them.

  19. brad says:

    The banks for the money

  20. I would hack into the credit bureaus and fix my and other peoples credit. I’ve been a victim of credit fraud both with my tax refund and on some ‘zombie bills’ as they’re called. I’ve been fighting this for over a year, and it seems it takes forever to fix when someone else does bad things to you.

  21. Ryan Earley says:

    To steal from rich and give to poor

  22. Joe says:

    I would hack into college computer and improve my grades

  23. Reid Sweatt says:

    I would hack my parents just to confuse them.

  24. chelsey says:

    I would hack my mortgage company and marked my home loan as paid off. Next would be the credit union and mark my car loan as paid.

  25. Jerry says:

    I would hack into the credit bureau and fix my credit score.

  26. Denise says:

    Don’t really have a need to hack into anything. No good ever comes from knowing things you don’t need to know.

  27. Mike says:

    I would hack my friends network to see who has better skills.

  28. Linda S says:

    I would hack my work, and give myself a pay increase and more vacation time!

  29. Jessie says:

    I would perform ethical hacks for free.

  30. jan tippit says:

    i like the one about giving myself a raise…..

  31. Donald S says:

    I would hack into a movie producers, and change the pay for big time actors.

  32. Patricia says:

    I don’t have a reason to hack into anything

  33. Nancy says:

    I don’t really have a need to hack into anything.

  34. Marissa says:

    Wouldn’t know how to or want to hack into anything. Guess I’m kinda boring.

  35. Frank says:

    No need to hack anything

  36. Aaron Dias says:

    Hack into the University to up my GPA…maybe add a few courses, or even another major.

  37. cary eskew says:

    over 30 yrs old and can’t hack into anything. I guess if I could, I would hack into IRS for get out of jail free card with taxes

  38. Laura says:

    I think to hack into insurance companies or financial institutes and even the playing field would be a great idea

  39. Judy says:

    I would hack into Congress and see what was really going on in those less than fertile minds.

  40. Angela says:

    I would hack into anything that could be used to help others.

  41. Lucy says:

    I would hack into the Lottery, so I could what is like to win a large jackpot.

  42. Kelli says:

    I’d hack the credit bureaus and give everyone an 800 or better credit score! Everyone deserves a second chance!

  43. Corey W says:

    I would probably hack into my job and give myself and a few others a nice pay raise.

  44. John G says:

    I would hack Anonymous to find out who they are.

  45. Joe says:

    It would be nice if I could hack into the pharmaceutical files and get the formulas for some of these outragously expensive drugs

  46. Andy says:

    Hack into some of these terriost networks to get information to destroy them

  47. Kristin wilson says:

    I don’t even know where to begin!!

  48. dexter thompson says:

    I would hack the lottery to get the right lottery ticket numbers.

  49. Joyfullocs says:

    Don’t think I would want to hack into anything. If I did they will just get somebody to find me and I’d be the one in jail or dead. My need to hack would be for an obviously noticeable reason otherwise why the reason for the hack to begin with lol

  50. Rebecca says:

    I would hack into movie productions so I could watch them before anyone else

  51. Ching says:

    I really want to hack into vacation and flight systems so I can travel the world for free

  52. Edna Kelly says:

    I would never hack anyone because I think it is an evil crime.

  53. Ann says:

    Not something I would do even if I could

  54. Melanie Harris says:

    I wish I could hack into the student loan database…to erase my balance!!!

  55. Barbara says:

    I would probably hack into a few billion bank accounts and do the “Quarter of a cent trick” discussed on Office Space so I could get rich slowly and not arouse much suspicion.

  56. Will says:

    Only for good uses

  57. Rosalie says:

    I will hack the international bank in Switzerland and transfer the biggest account to a fictitious name that s accessible by me only

  58. Evan says:

    I would hack my computer to see how easy it would be to gain access.

  59. mary t says:

    I would hack into the biggest bank in town and move a large sum of money into an account I can access and remove as much of the cash as possible…Lol in my dreams

  60. warren says:

    I would hack into the public records And clear my driving record

  61. Denny says:

    I would hack the movie studios so that I could get more advanced screenings 🙂

  62. GAIL says:


  63. Ron says:

    I would hack a way to go back in time and start my life over pre high school.

  64. marlon brown says:

    If could I would hack all the Nation’s Bank ATM to get free money they owe me it the they rob my bank account.

  65. Amy marcallini says:

    I would hack apple so I could make it to where I knew ever time they had a new iPhone come out and so it would automatically be sent to me for free as a sample before anyone else got one.

  66. Shelley says:

    I don’t want to hack into anyone’s system.

  67. Kathleen Motley says:

    I would hack into the lottery and adjust the winning numbers.

  68. Keely Mackenzie says:

    I would hack into the university to improve my grades.

  69. Gabi Reece says:

    The dmv & add 8 months so I could be 21 already.

  70. Shelley Renee says:

    My employment records giving me a higher position & salary.

  71. Vincent Chauncey says:

    Irs to get back all that I have given to them

  72. Carol says:

    Don’t know how to hack into anything and have no reason to hack into anything.

  73. chelsea says:

    any bank and take as much money as I need to pay off my bills and student loans

  74. MysteryRoach says:

    My ISP, because bandwidth Caps SUCK!

  75. Sheila says:

    Congress and put them on the same Health and retirement system as the rest of us!

  76. Jo Polette says:

    Don’t know how, but would love to know how.

  77. Ryan Earley says:

    I would hack for good.

  78. Joe miller says:

    I wouldn’t have a need to hack into anything.

  79. Joe miller says:

    Wiki leaks

  80. medi says:

    I don’t know hoe to hack into the government but I would like to know

  81. sami says:

    Don’t know how to hack into anything and have no reason to hack into anything.

  82. chelsey says:

    I would hack the gas company so that I will never have to pay a gas bill again.

  83. Sergio says:

    I would hack into the credit bureaus and I would be unstoppable!
    Why, you ask? Because I would be handed all the things I want…and if I fail to pay, just hack again! Ah hah hah hah hah!!!

  84. Rich S says:

    I would hack into Gofobo.ocm and download all the advance screenings they have.

  85. Loretta says:

    I think I would like to hack into the auto industry and find out just how much it costs to manufacture, and how much they are making on each automobile they sell!

  86. chelsey says:

    Hack Trans Union and fix my credit score

  87. Liz says:

    there is nothing i feel the need to hack into anything

  88. Elisabeth J says:

    if i could hack into something it would be into a movie company to watch movies early

  89. lisa says:

    I would hack government files on UFO’s

  90. Carol says:

    I wouldn’t hack anything.

  91. Valerie McDaniel says:

    I’m not hacking no one, my luck I’d get caught…

  92. Curtis wooten says:

    I would hack in to the banks and remove the fees that are charged to people who barely have enough to get by. tired of the rich getting richer while the poor just sits here and take what is given.

  93. chelsey says:

    I would hack my sisters phone just to make her mad

  94. Nate Blevins says:

    I would hack NASA so i could see if aliens really do exist.

  95. Patrick says:

    I would hack a watermelon in two

  96. Joe miller says:

    Not a hacker so I have no idea

  97. Carol says:

    Would not hack into anything

  98. Mary T says:

    I would hack into my bank and add a bunch of zeros to my balance…Lol.

  99. Diana Spencer says:

    I would have to say I would hack something that would make me wealthy.. Then I could share my wealth with family and friends..Who couldn’t use a little helping hand? So my answer is something that would make/give me money…

  100. Brooke says:

    My ex-best friend so I can see what crap she was talking about me.

  101. chelsey says:

    I would hack work and give myself a promotion and an extra week of vacation.

  102. James E says:

    I would hack into the Debt collector servers and expose them for the good of the people!

  103. Carol says:

    I wouldn’t hack into anything.

  104. chelsey says:

    I dont have anything i want to hack

  105. dame says:

    I want to hack myself. LOL

  106. shelley says:

    My bank account & make it bigger

  107. Gabi says:

    my boyfriends computer and phone to see who else he talks to.

  108. Carol says:

    Can’t say that I would hack anything.

  109. Tammy R says:

    Id hack into the credit bureaus to give myself an 800 score and Id hack the super rich (think Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates) to siphon small amounts of money each that added up to a nice retirement for me. Then just for fun Id hack North Korea and get some naked pics of Kim Jon Un . . .

  110. ken says:

    I’d hack myself

  111. Jo says:

    If I could hack without consequences, I’d hack the financial records of all top corporations and the top 1%. That way the American people can see how little they actually pay in taxes. Therefore, when politicians want to give them more tax breaks, we can boot those politicians out of office!

  112. Carl says:

    I don’t know how to hack! I can barely sign into Pinterest!

  113. Jewish says:

    govt. compters because I like to know.

  114. Corey W says:

    no reason to hack anything but it could be fun lol

  115. Tiawan Broom says:

    Id hack the government to see what the american people are being told the truth about and what not. . .

  116. Tawana Lawson says:

    I would hack the rich so I could help to poor. #RobinHoodSyndrome

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