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Marlon Wayans-Haunted House 2

IMG_0366Marlon Wayans visited St. Louis to show a screening of his new movie Haunted House 2. The screening of the movie took place in Creve Coeur where we were able to watch the entire movie. After the movie Marlon came into the theater and answered questions for anyone who had a question. He talked about the movie, his family and upcoming projects. The following day I was invited to a panel to meet Marlon again and ask a few questions for myself. I was also able to take a few pictures of Marlon while we were all talking.

Listen to the whole interview Below

Marlon greeted everyone at the door welcoming us to the talk (there was only aroun7 of us), and was thankful for all of us being there. Before we could get too far into the question/answer session Marlon needed to be caught up on the most recent episode of Walking Dead. He was very interested in the show and its outcome. Marlon was asked a variety of questions, starting out with a question by Karl, The Movie Fanatic, “What do you have against dogs?” His answer, “they used to chase him when he was a kid” He doesn’t really have anything against dogs; it just happened to be what animal worked best for the film.


When I was giving my opportunity to ask a question I asked Marlon, “It was said you were going to play Robin in Tim Burton’s upcoming version of Batman and Robin, what happened?” his response was, “It was a great experience, it prepared me. I got the role after auditioning, I told my manager I didn’t want to be stuck playing Robin for 5 movies, there’s other things I want to do. So they got me the option to only do one movie, which was stupid, I should have signed for 12 movies, Tim Burton said they were introducing Cat Woman, The Penguin, and there were so many different story lines that they just wanted to give Batman and Robin his own movie. Then they changed directors to Joe Schumacher, and he was like no you’re not cute enough..Chris O’Donnell. So I got written out of that one and replaced and that set me up, prepared me for when they wrote me out of GI Joe 2. Those things happen in Hollywood sometimes, I didn’t cry, no funerals. I just went straight to writing and making this movie.”

Meeting Marlon was a great experience, one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was so thankful for us being there and happy to answer any question we had. He talked about his family and his love for making movies. Everything about him was so very genuine.

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